Six Flags denies Jobs to two Women because of their Natural Hairstyle

Happy Hump Day Blog Lovers!!! Whew the week is almost up...So I just signed into my twitter and I saw a RT about this latest headline and I had to check it out. I couldn't believe that this actually happened and that it's something that just took place in 2010!! I think that this is getting out of hand and it just shows that ignorance spreads like wildfire. Why is it such a big deal the way people choose to wear their hair? I think that hair is an accessory and because it is, you should wear it like you want to wear it and you shouldn't be judged or discriminated against because of it. When is the day going to come where your hair is the last thing that concerns people. In 2010 not only is hair a form of expression but it shows individuality. Celebs are shaving half of their heads, going bald, and tattooing their scalps but they aren't being treated less than an a human being because they chose to do that to their head. These two women have been denied jobs at Six Flags because they have chosen to wear their natural hair in dreads. I personally think that dreads are beautiful and they are a very strong form of individual artistic expression.I've even seen a Caucasian Woman on Vacation in Fl with the most beautiful dreads I couldn't believe it and she was beautiful. According to Six Flags they have a conservative grooming policy that doesn't allow certain hair styles. According to ABC news Six Flags issued this statement:
"Six Flags enforces a conservative grooming policy across all parks. The policy does not permit certain hairstyles such as variations in hair colors, dreadlocks, partially shaved heads, tails, and hairstyles that impair vision. Braided hair is allowed but must be in neat, even rows and without beads or other ornaments." (source)

First of all you mean to tell me I can't wear individuals in my hair they have to be in cornrows?? That's absurd. Now if you ask me who mainly fits into that category??? That's ridiculous it's a freaking Theme Park where you're supposed to have fun and enjoy yourself and I don't know why it's part of the policy when I go to six flags (doubt if I'll go back) I'm not thinking about what the person working behind the scenes is doing or looking like..can you just give me what I need and make sure I'm safe so I don't fall to my untimely death in this roller coaster seat! 

I think it's ridiculous and it's a shame that out of all these people who are out of jobs and have good work records and are capable of doing hard honest work can't get the job because of the way their hair looks. Black is beautiful, Hair is Beautiful and it shouldn't be the overall determining factor of a person's personality or persona. I hate to hear the comments that I hear when it comes to hair..Stop judging people and start judging yourself. When is the day going to come where we are going to accept the extreme and step away from what's the norm and safe?? In 2025 when I'm 38 and my kids are growing up where extreme will be what's in?? Get it together Six Flags!!What happened to Equal Opportunity Employment??

Check out the (Source) of where I read this article and watch the video.

This is a pic I took of a lady from behind because I didn't want her to think I was crazy but her dreds were beautiful on her I had to get a pic from behind. We were going to the Black Mumba the deadliest snake in the world!

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