Dark and Lovely Hair Relaxer Review and How I apply my relaxer

Hello Blog Lovers! I just wanted to share this with you guys especially for my relaxed ladies. I just relaxed my hair on Tuesday of this week and I purchased the Dark and Lovely Moisturizing Relaxer. I know everyone has seen the commercial on T.V. by now, but the reason why I tried this one this time is because of course they didn't have the one I always get and my sister said it was great! So I self-relaxed which I just recently started do this, I used to get my mother to do it because it's hard to see the back of your head to make sure you're not applying too much relaxer to the hair shaft below the new growth (which is a no-no). I've gotten better and I've never had to worry about any spots that were not relaxed well. I used the regular strength (remember choose the strength according to your hair texture (Fine, Normal, Medium, Thick)(Click Here). It comes with the normal things included in the relaxer kit, gloves, mixing spatula, activator(2), neutralizing shampoo, and the moisture seal with shea butter conditioner. As always it's two applications in the one little jar. So I proceeded to do what I normally do when I relax my hair:

  1. Detangle my hair if necessary with a wide tooth comb (never comb too hard before a relaxer it can cause scalp irritation
  2. Part my hair in four sections with a rat tail comb and clip my sections with a butterfly clip
  3. Base my scalp with a protective cream (in between the parted sections and around the perimeter of my head, I only base all over if I have scratching a little, if I scratch too much I just wait). This relaxer was missing the protective cream good thing I had some on hand. (I guess that's a con>>No Protective Cream included!)
  4. I divided the relaxer in half and re-caped the unused portion so I can use it the next time I relax my hair
  5. I mixed the activator and relaxer together (It usually changes in consistency from thick to creamy)
  6. I start in the back of my head on either side which ever I choose (left or right ) I apply the relaxer at the nape of my neck and work my way up to the crown in that section (you can outline that sections perimeter to make sure all areas are covered first<
  7. I then proceed to go to front two sections  starting on the same side that I started in the back (because I will go in that order around my head to smooth it out). I outline the perimeter of my section and proceed from there to make subsections. I repeat the same steps on the other side of my head. (I usually do this pretty fast as far as applying the relaxer with my applicator brush, because if you work efficiently and fast while applying the relaxer the processing time will be shortened and you will still have a good relaxed head of hair).
  8. I take my rat tail comb and I start to smooth my sections down to my head (starting in the back where I applied the relaxer first). I take the back of the comb and smooth the nape of the neck upward and then proceed to part the hair into subsections being careful not to touch the scalp. As I part the hair into subsections I comb a little to make sure I get all the "curly hair" straight and then smooth. I repeat these steps working my way around the head. 
  9. By this time the relaxer has be combed through at least one time (two times if necessary) and I let it sit for about 5 minutes. I rinse it all out and then proceed to shampoo my hair with the neutralizing shampoo.
  10. After I finish shampooing I used the conditioner in the box (which it's typically a leave in conditioner which I never use but this particular relaxer came with one that required you to leave it on and rinse it out (kind of like a mini deep conditioner)
  11. Rinse out conditioner and detangle with my HCO leave Conditioner by Design Essentials (Check out Review Here) , Style as usual.
Will I buy this product again?? Yes I will buy this product again. It delivered what it promised my hair is soft, shiny, and straight.

 Overall I give the New and Improved Dark and Lovey Hair Relaxer with Moisture Seal: 5 stars

Thanks for reading, Tell a Friend and Leave Comments!! Peace and Blessings ~β™₯ Miss Nic β™₯~ 

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