Miss Nic Answers Questions Part 2: Tips for Cutting your Hair

Hello Blog Lovers! This blog post if for Ms. Toya. She's one of my blog followers and she asked if I had any tips for short hair, because she was considering cutting her hair.  When it comes to cutting your hair the first time for anyone there are five key things that you should keep in mind, because once you cut it...it's gone forever! Well, at least until it grows back. Giggles.

  1. Find a stylist or make sure that your regular stylist has a strong hair cutting background. You don't want to just get any one with a license to cut your hair for the first time. Becoming a great hair cutter takes time, skill, and practice. Even though I feel good with a pair of scissors, I'm not like Dr. Boogie from Shear Genius who can work a pair of clippers and turn your hair from shab to fab in 10 minutes. #imjustsayin (meaning I'm not 1000 % confident with my scissors:))).
  2. Communicate with your stylist what you are desiring for your hair cut. We all know at least one stylist who gave you a real extreme "hack-job" and all you asked for was a trim. Make sure that you know what you want and that they know what you want.
  3. Don't choose to go drastically short the first time for your hair cut. I would suggest if your hair is arm pit length go shoulder or neck length for your first hair cut if it's your first time. Don't get the Halle Berry if you're used to hair all the way down your back and I would also suggest that you keep it long enough to be able to wear weaves if you desire to wear it long especially in the winter time when it's cold. 
  4. Keep in mind your hair density and hair texture:  These two things will play a major role and factor in your hair cut.
  5. Choose a Hair cut that fits your Facial Shape.
  • Round Facial Shape: You should choose a hair cut that will give you less volume around the face to minimize the roundness of your face. Look for hair cuts that fall below the chin and are cut for a soft graduated layered hair style. This will allow the face to appear slimmer and remove bulk and weight from the sides of the hair. If you choose to wear bangs leave them long and side swept. AVOID: one length blunt hair cuts.

    Square Facial Shape: You should choose a hair cut that will down play your strong angular jaw line. Try to find a hair cut that will allow texture in the form of curls and choppy ends, short spikey cuts, and/or long sleek styles with layers that start at your jawline. AVOID: one length bobs and blunt bangs. This will only make your face appear more square.
  • Oval Facial Shape: This is the most versatile facial shape because you can wear just about any hair cut and it won't look bad on you. Think about your best facial feature and choose a hair cut that will accentuate that feature. If you have a great bone structure choose an angular bob that will show off your chin. If you have gorgeous eyes go for the blunt side swept bangs. AVOID: Short layers that will add height to the top of your head and make your face appear long. Hair that is thick or curly should avoid a blunt cut.

  • Long or Oblong Facial Shape: You want to choose brow-skimming bangs if your want to go for the bangs, chin-length bobs, and shoulder length bobs.

    Heart Shaped Facial Shape: Your chin is the main focal point for this particular facial shape. You should draw attention to you eyes and cheek bones and if you choose to cut your hair you should keep the top layers of your hair soft and long.

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