Hair Tool Focus: Hair Brushes

Hello Blog Lovers!!! As I said yesterday with the hair tool of the week I  would be discussing the different types of hair brushes and their uses. There are so many different types of hair brushes and they all have different styling functions and purposes. Choosing the correct hair brush will make at home styling easier and will allow you to create different hair styles.

The Paddle Brush: This brush is not to be confused with cushion brush. Although they both look similar they are different. The paddle brush is flat and wide and square in shape and is best for brushing our long hair and creating straight styles as well as smooth styles. I use this for dry wrapping the hair after a roller set. This brush  would not be good to style hair that is in layers because it won't add volume to the hair. The bristles of this brush has round ball tipped ends which are great for creating a "scalp massage" affect while brushing.

The Cushion Brush: This brush as stated before looks similar to the paddle brush. This brush is flat ans round in shape and has a cushion base that retracts. This brush is best used for the box-shaped bob, and a graduated hair cut. I also use this brush for dry wrapping the hair because it also creates a smooth sleek finish to the wrap. This brush will also create the "scalp massage" affect while brushing.

Sculpting Brushes: This brush is great for back combing and will add volume to short, textured hair styles.

Thermal Round Brush: These brushes are available in different sizes ranging from small to jumbo in size. The smaller the brush the more of a curl you can create with the assistance of a blow dryer. The larger brushes are used to smooth out the hair and add volume while using a blow dryer. The reason why this happens is that when you use the blow dryer the core of the brush which is metal heats up and shapes the hair from the inside out which allows you to create curls, movement, and sleek smooth styles.  Your hair length will determine which brush size to use.

Thermal Flat Brush: When you use this brush with a blow dryer it acts like a flat iron. The heat from the dryer straightens out the hair and gives it a smooth finish. Again its the metal base that allows this to happen.

Vent Brush: A vent brush is good for blow drying the hair, brushing out curls from a roller set, or detangle dry hair.  Although it won't get the hair as straight, smooth, and shiny as the Thermal Flat Brush it will allow you to speed up your drying time because it is vented as well as straighten the hair out. 

Boar Bristle Brush: The Hair tool of the week will allow you to smooth edges, add waves to short hair cuts, and remove dirt and debris from the hair.

How to Brush the Hair

  • Always brush the hair in the direction of hair growth never go against your natural hair growth. This will alleviate you from hair breakage or tangles in the hair.
  • Never brush wet hair. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair instead.
  • When using a brush to aid in heat styling the hair with a  dryer hold the hair taut to create tension. This will allow you to straighten the hair as well as add shine to the hair at the same time.
  • When trying to detangle the hair (dry hair) hold the hair in your hands while brushing this will eliminate major stress to the hair. Always start at the nape of your hair working your way up to the front of the head. 
  • Always clean your brushes on a regular basis the natural hair shedding and scalp debris along with oils will build up on the brush and take away from the performance.(Be on the look out for Cleaning your Hair tools)
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