Beauty Product Review: Wet and Wild Eyemake up Remover

Hello Blog Lovers! I just wanted to give my personal review on this eye make-up remover that I purchased last week. I was in desperate need of an eye make-up remover but I didn't have access to my personal Mary-K rep because truth be told..I feel that the Mary-K eye make up remover is the TRUTH!!! I also didn't want to pay the high price for it either (I'm on a budget right now). So when I visited Walgreens I started looking for some because I was already there to purchase some new foundation. SN: The thing I love about Walgreens is that they always have my foundation color..Wal-mart never has it!! :( and of course it's more in Walgreens than Wal-mart but it's worth it!  Anywho, back to what I was saying because I was on a hunt to find some eye make-up remover I chose this one because it was cheaper than the other brand. I love Wet and Wild eyeshadows and eye pencils so I decided to give this a try.

My personal thoughts: 

Pros: It does remove the eye-make up. It's not oil based (like Mary-K) so it takes a few more seconds to remove the liquid waterproof eye liner :( but overall it removes the eye make-up well. It has aloe in it and it doesn't have a loud smell. It's a clear liquid all though it look purple. It's just the bottle. Great Product for the price. It was a $1.99.

Cons: It kind of gives off a cool-stinging sensation which had me concern that I may go blind. LOL I haven't heard anything about someone going blind but the sensation caught me off guard a little because I'm used to just doing one swipe and I guess that's the luxury of buying Mary-K. It's water based. (I didn't really think about that until after I used it<

Will I buy this product again?? I will not buy this eye make-up remover again simply because it doesn't remove my eyeliner well without having to do extra rubbing (after a while, rubbing becomes a little too much for my eyes) and I don't really like the "cool-stinging sensation". Since I don't believe in wasting money (even thou it was 2 bucks) I'm going to use it until I purchase something else.

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