HTOW Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Hello Bloggers! The Hair Tool of the Week is the Boar Bristle Hair Brush. When it comes to hair brushes there are many types, uses, and functions. What I love about this particular hair brush which many of us may have used for years is that not only does it smooth out edges for sleek styles but if used correctly on a regular basis it will manipulate blood circulation which will in turn allow hair growth due to the blood flow to the scalp. My mother used to always tell us put some oil on your hair and brush it good (Thanks Mom).  When it comes to choosing the correct bristle brush try to find one that's not extremely hard (they range from hard to soft..Opt for the one that will benefit your hair texture) because there are some that are hard and it's like OMG my scalp is hurting (seriously I made the mistake a while back trying to find one when I went away for school and I was going cheap and I mean that thing was like using sand paper<< the brush with the hard plastic handle cheap and terrible). The reason why you want to go for a softer brush is because if the bristles are too hard you can and will have hair breakage, especially if you have fine soft hair. I would suggest using a paddle brush or a vent brush to detangle the hair first and use the bristle brush to smooth out the edges and style. When it's close to my relaxer retouch I have to switch up the way I style my hair to make sure there is no major stress to my hair because of the new growth. So I opt for wearing my hair pulled back or pulled up into a bun so I apply my Moisture Max (HPOW) and I take my brush and style it from there. These brushes can be found of course in the BSS or Sally's and even Wal-mart etc. They are staple products and if used correctly they are great for the hair.

SN: This week I will discuss the different types of Hair Brushes, their uses, and Hair Brushing 101. Stay Tuned

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