#SK15 Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Limited Edition  Brush Set Review

#SK15 Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Brush Set Review

I finally got my hands on this brush set! I started to believe it wasn't in the plan for me to have this oh so GAWGEOUS (gorgeous) brush set until I came across it looking for makeup bags in Target. The best part about finally running across this brush set in Target was the $10 off I received because of their random beauty sale. I almost came to tears when I found out I was able to get a discount on this brush set.

 I absolutely love

Sonia Kashuk

brushes. They are affordable, great quality, and most importantly durable. All of the individual Sonia Kashuk brushes that I own are my most reached for brushes, and faves in my personal makeup kit. The 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Brush Set includes fifteen beautifully constructed purple brushes. After using these consistently over the past few weeks I am now able to give a truthful honest review about this 15 piece brush collection.  I had to see for myself if this collection was worth all the hype it was receiving on instagram, I didn't doubt the hype because I knew Sonia Kashuk had some of the best brushes sold in Target to date. Enough with the rambling, on to the review!

The fifteen brushes included in the set are the following brushes as listed in order on the back of the cute packaging:

  • Powder Brush-  I use this brush to apply my face powder, it doesn't shed, and it's super soft.
  • Blusher Brush- I use this to apply blush/highlight powder to the high points of my cheek bones, it doesn't shed, and it's also super soft. 
  • Duo Fiber Buffing Brush- I used this brush to apply my foundation to my face. I love to use densely packed brushes to apply foundation. It give me the best finish to my foundation and leaves the skin looking like skin and flawless. Unfortunately, this brush sheds and it was a bit annoying. I found myself having to "find and pick" the hairs off of my face before moving on to finish my face. 
  • Synthetic Angle Multipurpose Brush- I love this brush! OMG! I use it to blend out my under eye concealer. I love the finish it gives and I love the fact that it fits perfectly in that area under my eye to give me the desired flawless finish. 
  • Contour Brush- Soft to the touch, this contour brush in this set is also sold as an individual brush. I fell in love with this brush when I purchased it as an individual brush (no longer available). I was excited to get this same brush in this collection. It offers the same great contour results for chiseled cheeks and a slimming jaw line. Super soft and the purple and gold handle makes it uber chic. 
  • Foundation Brush- I haven't used this foundation brush yet. When I use foundation brushes, I use them to apply my primer or smooth out concealer. This foundations brush is also soft to the touch.
  • Concealer Brush- I used the concealer brush to blend our my concealer around my eyebrows. It's soft to the touch and simply a smaller version of the foundation brush.
  • Blending Brush- I love this blending brush. It's soft to the touch and doesn't shed! I have officially replaced my Sigma Blending brush for this blending brush. Why??  Because it blends flawlessly. It covers more area and offers seamless blending. I could not believe this brush. In my opinion it has cut down on the blending time I am used to. We all should know how much blending is necessary to create the perfect eye shadow look, and that blending takes patience and time. In my opinion, the shape of this blending brush (not tapered) is what allows it to be so amazing and offer such great results.
  • Crease Brush-  I love this brush! It's perfect for creating the perfect smokey eye look. I love the fact that it's the right size to help define the eye perfectly. This brush is densely packed, but soft to the touch.
  • Small Eye shadow Brush- I used this brush to pack on eye shadow for a more precise look while covering small areas of the eye. You would want to use this brush to create eye looks that need heavy eye shadow application and/or defined looks. It's also soft to the touch.
  • Fluffy Eye shadow Brush- I used this brush to cover more eye area at one time. You can also pack the eye shadow onto the eye with this brush because the bristles are densely packed. If needed, you can blend out harsh edges with this brush as well. You should have guessed it, it's soft to the touch. 
  • Precision Smudge Brush- This brush looks similar to the brands precision liner brush. Except this brush is not as stiff. I use the precision liner brush all the time to apply my gel liner and I love it! I assumed I could do the same with this brush, but it didn't go as smoothly as I desired because it lacked the stiffness necessary to create the winged liner I wanted.  
  • Synthetic Angled Liner Brush- I assumed this brush was as stiff as the brands brow brush. I have two brow brushes from Sonia Kashuk, one is used for applying brown product, the other is used to define my brows. I used this brush to help define my brows with concealer. Unlike the two angled brushes I own, this angled brush is not as stiff. 
  • Smudge Brush- The smudge brush from this collection is similar to the brands individual smudge brush. It reminds me of the shader brush except it is smaller in size and density. I use this brush to apply shadow to my lower lash line. If you are steady with it, considering it's size and density, you could use it to apply gel liner. You'd have to be a pro in order to create that flawless wing.
  • Spoolie- This is my second spoolie from Sonia Kashuk and I am far from mad about it. They both work like a charm. I use this brush to brush my brow product through my brows. It helps to give my brows a natural look. 

This 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Brush set is simply worth every penny spent. I love the chic color combination of the purple and gold handles, and I absolutely adore the purple bristles. They are super soft to the touch and just add the right amount of sophistication to my current brush collection. They sit in their own little personal glass jar, because I think they are the cutest little brushes. They deserve to stand alone. I love that this brush set was affordable, it fits nicely into any budget. I love the Sonia Kashuk cosmetic brushes because of the quality, construction, and the overall design is impeccable. If by chance you haven't been able to pick up these brushes, you can find similar brushes within the brands collection of cosmetic tools. 

There may still be a few left, check now to see if you can find these


Peace and Blessings- xo

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