My Favorite Fall Lippies

My Favorite Fall Lippies

In honor of the first day of Fall, I had to share my favorite Fall Lipies with you! I've added to my fall lipstick collection and I must admit I am in love with all of these shades. You MUST add these to your collection if you haven't already added them to the rest of your stash. I will admit, I am a lipstick and lip gloss junkie.  If there is a support group available I need to sit in the front row (send me an email and let me know where I can sign up). My steady growing lipstick collection is out of control to say the least. I have to carry them with me at all times because a girl never knows when she needs to change her lipstick. I tried the minimalist thing for a while, carrying only one lipstick in my purse... it drove me insane. No seriously, I was having withdrawals. Enough with my shenanigans and my endearing feelings for a great tube of lipstick and lip gloss, lets get into this post.

Lip Gloss/Lip Stains


Khroma Beauty Lip gloss in Blackberry Honey:

I love this lip gloss. I love all of the Khroma Beauty lip products actually, but this gloss is dark and rich in color and can be worn on top of a matching lipstick or alone. It literally can stand by itself.  The consistency of the gloss is great, it's not tacky or thick at all. 


Revlon Color Stay Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion:

This is my second lip stain that I have purchased. I was completely skeptical about purchasing this lip stain because I didn't particularly care for the finish and feel of the first lip stain I added to my collection, but this lip stain is true to it's name! This lip product stains your lips with color while adding shine. It's moisturizing and not over drying. After the product continuously called my name during my many trips to CVS and Target, I could no longer resist the urge, I purchased this product and it was worth it!



Milani Cosmetics Lipstick in Black Cherry:

OMG!!! I absolutely love this lipstick shade for fall. I honestly can not express to you how you need to go to the store tomorrow or like right now to add this to your collection. The color pay off from this lipstick is amazing! It's not drying to the lips at all, there is no need for lip gloss unless you just want a high shine added to your lips. I highly recommend this shade. 


Milani Cosmetics Lipstick in Cabaret Blend:

This lipstick shade is close in range to Black Cherry, but it's a little lighter. The color pay off is not as rich Black Cherry, but the color is excellent for creating the wine stained lip trend for sexy fall lips. 


Milani Cosmetics Lipstick in Sangria:

Sangria is more of a violet purple shade of lipstick compared to Black Cherry and Cabaret Blend, which both give off a red wine color effect. I love this shade of lipstick for cool fall days that scream for purple lips. 


MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Cyber:

Cyber is amazing! It's one of MAC's most popular Satin lipsticks. I absolutely love this purple lipstick. There have been many bloggers/vloggers that have gave this lipstick a great review. I can honestly say, it's everything you have imagined and heard plus more! You need to go pick this up if you haven't already. I was late with picking this up, it's new to my collection. I am so thrilled this baby belongs to me. It's here to stay!


MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Purple Smoke:

I finally got my hands on Purple Smoke! It's a Matte lipstick that is the bomb (dot) com. I have worn this on my lips the past two days and I love it. This lipstick did not really budge off of my lips. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a long lasting lipstick, but it stayed on my lips all day long. I drank Arizona Green Tea from a can and water from a bottle and there was absolutely no transfer at all. Yeah, this lipstick is all that and more. GO GET IT NOW!!


MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in So Scarlet:

This lipstick is not on MAC's website. I believe it may have been discontinued. I purchased it from an CCO a while ago. If you do own this lipstick, it's perfect for Fall. It's a warm red wine color. It's lighter than Cabaret Blend and Black Cherry (Milani Cosmetics). I love this color! 


Revlon Cosmetics Lipstick in Chocolicious:

If you desire to have the perfect dark brown lip for fall, this lipstick is it! This lipstick is rich in color and is a part of the brands Super Lustrous Lipstick collection. 


Revlon Cosmetics Lipstick in Va Va Violet:

In my opinion, This comparable to MAC's Cyber. If you can't get your hands on Cyber, Definitely go pick this up! It's also apart of the Super Lustrous Lipstick collection and I absolutely love this shade. 


Revlon Cosmetics Lipstick in Black Cherry:

I'm sure you're probably thinking why do I have two lipsticks identified as Black Cherry. I told you I had a problem. lol. Although these lipsticks have the same name, they are completely different. Revlon's Black Cherry is darker than Milani's Black Cherry. Revlon's lipstick is browner in color and Milani's lipstick is redder in color. 


Wet-N-Wild Cosmetics Ferguson Crest Cabernet:

I love this lipstick from Wet-N-Wild. It's a part of their Fergie Collection and it's amazing. The Fergie Collection of lipsticks feel great on the lips compared to the primary collection of lipsticks. I don't have to add lip gloss to this lipstick. If you can find this lipstick, add it to your collection!


Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 04:

I love this purple lipstick! It falls some where between MAC's Cyber and Purple Smoke. If you have this lipstick, you have the luxury of having the shade and finish of both Cyber and Purple Smoke. This lipstick lasts all day long and offers a flawless finish. 


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless:

This purple matte  lipstick crayon is amazing! I was surprised with the result of this lipstick crayon. It offers a matte finish and it's not drying at all. Sunday Past I added a black liner to my lips on top of this lip crayon and it was the perfect lip combination for a perfect fall lip (pictured above). 

Chocolicious Not Pictured

As you can see most of these shades look similar. The difference is the finish, texture, and longevity As I mentioned above, Kate Moss 04 can be a dupe combo of Cyber and Purple Smoke. Revlon's Black Cherry and Milani's Black Cherry are completely different in shade. I love all of these shades of lipsticks and glosses. Hopefully when I come across some more lipsticks, I will attempt to stray away from adding the same shades to my collection.  All of these lip products with the exception of the MAC lipsticks can be found at your local drugstore, Target, Ulta, Walmart, and places that sell makeup!

Comment below and let me know what your favorite fall lipsticks and lip glosses are, should I add them to my collection?? 

Thanks for reading! Tell a Friend to grab these lippies and make sure you grab one for yourself!!

Peace and Blessings 

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