HPOW: Cantu Hair Dressing Pomade

This weeks HPOW is the Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade. On last week the HPOW was the Cantu Grown Strong Strengthening Treatment. I purchased this product along with the last HPOW that was discussed. I love this product as well and it smells just as good as the other one. At first when I picked it up I was just being curious but I was also a little fearful of using it because when I think of pomade I think of something thick and heavy and hard hair. I don't have short hair that needs to be spiked so what exactly could I use it for and how could I use it on my hair? So being the impulse shopper that I am I picked it up and bought it. Its was worth satisfying my curiosity. I love it!! Glad I purchased it!!! I use it on my edges and also to flat iron my hair (Not sure if you noticed but I like to switch up my flat iron products depends on my mood). You have to use a little bit because it can weigh the hair down to the point where it is limp that's if you use too much at one time. I just emulsify it in my fingers and just manipulate it down the hair shaft. Check out the stats below and you can purchase this product in the same place as discussed in my previous blog post here. This one I believe is cheaper than the other product.

Cantu® Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade is made with pure shea butter to condition hair while styling and adding shine.
Cantu® Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade is ideal for natural styles as well as adding that finishing touch to moisturize, texturize, lift, control, and add shine to all hairstyles.
Cantu® Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade helps...
  • texturize and add control for all hairstyles
  • add shine and lift to hair
  • conditions with pure Shea butter
  • provide extra protection heat, split ends and breakage
Directions: Apply pomade to palms of the hands and apply gently to dry or towel-dried hair.  Style as usual.

 I give this product the official ★★★★★ (5star stamp). I  ♥ this one as well. It smells great and keeps my hair soft, shiny, and manageable all at the same time!!

I am not affiliated with Cantu Shea Butter hair products. I purchased the product with my own money and this is my honest opinion of the product.

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