HTOW: Hot-N-Silky Tourmaline Slim Styling Iron/ Product Review

Hello Blog Lovers! Welcome to my new followers! Thanks for following my blog!! This weeks Hair Tool of the Week is  the Hot-N-Silk Tourmaline Slim Styling Iron. I made a small purchase at Sally's Beauty Supply store this past weekend and I was looking for a slim flat iron to use on a friends hair and to just have for future use. I needed a slimmer flat iron to help me style short hair styles so I ran across several but I wanted one that was good and affordable. Sally's is having a very good sale and I was able to purchase this flat iron and get the mini travel size flat iron for FREE!! This flat iron is manufactured by the creators of Silk Elements (I just found that out, didn't see that on the package anywhere). I love Silk Elements hair products as some of you may already know. I decided to try it out  on my hair (which is far from being short) this weekend after I shampooed and conditioned as normal. I had to part my hair in smaller sub-sections which took longer to flat iron but I just had to try it out! It has the  tourmaline technology as my new blow dryer that I purchased a few weeks back so I had to see how it would work in my new flat iron. It has two ceramic plates so that was a plus as well. I loved the fact that it was steaming while I was using it. It wasn't like some flat irons where it "smokes" but it steams. Overall I'm satisfied!!! My hair was soft and super silky and I loved it (I used the Silk Infusion on my hair while it was still damp)!! Check out the stats below:

  • Slim 5/8" plate size is perfect to create curls and ringlets
  • Gets close to the scalp and hard to reach areas like bangs and necklines
  • Adjustable heat up to 410 degrees

This slim straightening iron with ceramic plate technology is perfect for short hair. Infused with tourmaline to produce negative ions which restore hair's natural moisture balance. Ceramic plates produce far infrared heat, which styles hair from the inside out leaving hair softer, stronger and healthier looking. Acceleration ionic properties style hair even faster and add shine. The slim design makes this flat iron easy to maneuver and excellent for styling short hair or creating ringlets. 

This flat iron is currently on sale for $26.99 at Sally's Beauty Supply Store.
**Disclaimer** I purchased this flat iron with my own money and I not an affiliate or sponsored by Silk Elements or Sally's Beauty Supply Store.

Check out the stats on the mini flat iron:

  • Far infrared heat for softer, stronger and healthier-looking hair
  • Tourmaline to restore moisture balance
  • Accelerated ionic properties for faster styling
  • Ceramic plates dry heat hair from the inside out
  • Heats up to 410 degrees
  • Perfect for short hair, traveling and quick touch-ups

This mini straightener is perfect for short hair, and creating curls and waves to long hair styles. The small size allows you to get close to the scalp and other hard to reach places. The technology provides gentle styling so hair isn't damaged from excess heat, snagging or hot spots.

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