HPOW: Silk Elements MegaSilk Intense Conditioning Mayonnaise

This weeks Hair Product of the Week is another Silk Elements Product. Silk Elements is once again one of my favorites. Design Essential Products being number one and this product line is number two. You always have to have a back up line (in my opinion) when you can't get a hold of your favorite products. The reason why I tried this conditioner is because they didn't have the other one that I always use. Once again I am loving this conditioner just as much as anything else from their product line. The one thing that was a little new for me is all of the "seeds and grains" (I'm not sure if that's what it really is or not), the mayonnaise reminds me of a sandwich spread in color and appearance. It has what looks like seeds and grains (I'm assuming they are bits and pieces of herbs) mixed in it. I thought at first it was going to be difficult to wash out my hair but it's not at all. It may even (not saying this is fact) be an added boost that dissolves on the hair from the heat of the hair dryer. I have used it on my hair twice since I purchased it a few weeks back and I am happy with this product as all of their other products. I use this as a deep conditioner every two weeks. I will give this product my ★★★★★ (5 star stamp). Check out the stats below:

Silk Elements MegaSilk Intense Conditioning Mayonnaise helps prevent breakage by strengthening and repairing dry, damaged hair.
  • Contains silk protein and olive oil for extra strength and nourishment
  • Helps create dramatically softer, healthier-looking hair
  • Helps mend split ends

Silk Elements MegaSilk Intense Conditioning Mayonnaise is a rich, creamy intense conditioner containing protein and essential oils that help prevent breakage by strengthening and repairing dry, damaged hair. To mend your split ends and avoid breakage, fortify your hair with the essential oils and protein in this product. Your hair will look and feel softer and healthier and will be conditioned from root to tip. Can be used as a weekly conditioner or overnight for deep conditioning. Rinse well and style as directed. 

I purchased this at my local Sally's BSS. You guys have to understand that you can get a lot of things at your hometown local BSS but Sally's carries a lot of things that the hometown BSS doesn't carry and vice versa.  I'm really just now getting into making a lot of my purchases there, as far as hair products are concerned. Silk Elements hair products to me is like the neo soul artist that everyone is "sleeping on" but when you listen to a few songs you buy the whole album and then once you buy the album you're now a fan. That's how I can describe Silk Elements it's that one product line that everyone else is "sleeping on" but deep down it's one of those product lines that are what I consider to be the "Truth" or "That bizness" as I would say. This product is going for $7.99 at Sally's Beauty Supply Store. Although it's in the same type of jar as the original MegaSilk Conditioner it's a total different experience for the hair.

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