HTOW: Flexi Rods

This weeks Hair Tool of the Week is the Flexi Rod. Flexi Rods are basically self explanatory. They are a wet set curling rod that flexes and bends to hold the roller in place. They come in a range of sizes that allow you to have small tight curls to large wavy curls. You would use these rods as you would most hair styling rods. Simply apply a wet styling agent to the hair and roll the hair at an angle. in my opinon if you roll the hair either wet or damp you will get a better curl that will last longer. They are great for adding curls to straight hair and defining curls for natural hair.  If you want to have the sexy Kim Kardashian Curl hot curl your hair with a hot curler and roll the hair with the flexi rod (found that on youtube) I tried it and it was cute!

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