HPOW: Parnevu T-Tree Shampoo

Hello Blog Lovers! Happy Monday! I've been off work for an entire week and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things! Last week was the annual family vacation and the last week of my first MBA Grad class (another one starts this Wednesday **sad face** ). Now that I'm back, lets get back to business.

This weeks Hair Product of the week is the Parnevu T-Tree Shampoo.  I just purchased me a bottle two weeks ago and I love it! I've used their relaxers in the past and I must say that was by far one of my faves simply because it's formulated for itchy scalps and those that suffer from dandruff. I haven't used it my last two relaxers because I couldn't find it **tears**. I really can't remember if I saw it on the shelf when I bought the shampoo (wasn't really looking thou).This shampoo along with all the Parnevu hair products contain T-Tree oil which is good for the scalp. I love this shampoo. It's good with helping to relieve the any scalp problems (itching dandruff <

PARNEVU organic T-Tree Shampoo is a unique blend of botanicals designed to cleanse the hair and scalp of impurities. Its ultra formula penetrates the hair to replace and lock in vital moisture lost to chemical damage and everyday styling. It leaves hair soft and manageable.

Specially formulated with Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) to help eliminate itching and flaking when used on a regular basis. 

Some of my faves from this product line: The shampoo, Oil sheen, and Conditioning Relaxer System.

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