Miss Nic's Spotlight

Elegant Edge is adding a new feature! Miss Nic's Spotlight. If you may or may not already know I have already published the first posting that introduces you to Mrs. Stephanie Saddler and Ms. Brittany Foster straight out of Ohio!! Here at Elegant Edge I am looking for some of our Natural Beauties to share their story on the Blog about your journey from relaxed to natural hair or your story as a Natural Beauty in general along with any types of hair tips that you use to share with others. Here at Elegant Edge We love all hair types! Send me an email to elegant.edge10@gmail.com

Tell a Friend and If you wish to be featured the by all means send me an E-mail!! ~β™₯ Miss Nic β™₯~

Miss Nic's Spotlight:Introducing Ms. Brittany Foster aka. Nail Dva

RIP Alexander McQueen