Miss Nic's Spotlight:Introducing Ms. Brittany Foster aka. Nail Dva

Hello Blog lovers! I told you guys that I would have the second part of Miss Nic's first Spotlight Feature and here it is. I have already told you guys a little about Ms. Foster and we've already been introduced to her business partner Stephanie Saddler aka Ms. Buttafingers. Ms. Foster is a Minxed Certified Technician, Advanced Nail Tech (ANT), Managing Instructor, and a Business Owner. I asked Brittany the same Q and A's but if you guys have more questions or would like to know more her contact information will be at the end of the blog interview.

MNEE:How long have you worked as a nail tech? 

Brittany: Since 2001

MNEE: At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to work as a Nail Tech in the Beauty Industry? 

Brittany: Since the age of 10 I dreamed of doing nails! Once I graduated high school I wanted to make my dream a reality!

MNEE: What is your niche, what sets you apart from all the other nail techs in the industry?  

Brittany: I would say I bring a retro neo style of art & design to the industry. My niche is natural nails, but my skills are unlimited and I can perform any service!

MNEE: Do you have a business location? Where is it located? 

Brittany: I’m currently located at Spiffie’s Multi-Cultural Salon 25630 Rockside Rd Bedford, OH 44146

MNEE: Tell us a little bit about your business and how you got started?

Brittany: I am part owner of Nailology, a professional nail care system, which was released February 6, 2010.  This business came about from a conversation six months ago with my business partner Stephanie Saddler that has since then became the HOTTEST nail care system to grace the industry! To see what the entire buzz is about or to purchase products log on to www.thenailology.com


MNEE: What would you say to encourage those who wish to pursue a career in the Beauty Industry and/or work as a Nail Tech?  

Brittany: I would say, NEVER give up on your dream, stay humble and passionate about the gift you’ve been blessed with, and keep God as your foundation. With all these ingredients you can’t help but to succeed!

MNEE: Do you travel to other cities to host different events or parties? 

Brittany:Yes, but you must have a minimum of ten people upon scheduling. For more details/to schedule a party in an area near you log on to www.naildva.com

MNEE: Tell us a little bit about the products that you use on your clients to keep their nails healthy and beautiful?  

Brittany: The primary products I use are sea salts, sugar scrubs, and oils by Nailology. Upon arriving to my finish I use OPI polish.

MNEE: How long have the both of you worked together as business partners? 

Brittany:We started out as class mates a year ago, which soon turned into a friendship, and now business partners. I am a firm believer of God putting people in your life for a reason, season, or lifetime! With that being said I’m thankful for him placing us both in that classroom a year ago so we could come together, make HISTORY in this industry as well as glorify his purpose and will for our lives!

Contact Information for Brittany:

Brittany Foster (Nail Dva)
Managing Instructor
Minxed Certified Technician
Advanced Nail Technician (ANT)
Owner of Nailology Professional Nail Care System



Pictures of Brittany's Work




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