Color Me Bad Part 5:How to Maintain a Hair Color

When looking to keep up your color for a long time there are two things to keep in mind. Permanent Colors will leave you with a very distinct line of demarcation. It is suggested that you color every four to six weeks to keep your roots from showing. Semi-Permanents are more subtle and transition smoother. It can last for six to eight weeks. It is better to do a semi-permanent hair color after a relaxer retouch because it doesn't have ammonia and because the roots are fresh and relaxed it will cover the hair better.

To keep your color, bright, and vibrant minimize heat styling, which can make your hair appear dull, dry, and damaged. Try opting for Roller sets and Duby Wraps when it comes to styling the hair because it will help to minimize heat styling as well as add body and bounce to the hair. I always stress this....CONDITION your hair on a regular basis. Deep conditioning the hair is very important when it comes to coloring the hair. Choose Shampoos that are for color treated hair because these shampoos offer moisturizers and conditioners for color treated as well as chemical treated hair to keep the hair shining and vibrant.

Look for More to Come on Hair Color. Next I want to discuss how to add Color to your hair without actually coloring the hair.

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