Color Me Bad Part 4: How to cover Gray Hair

I think that when it comes to discussing hair color you should talk about coloring gray hair. I absolutely love gray hair especially when it's shining and glowing. I think that when I do start to gray I may just rock it for what it's worth. Even though it can be pretty, gray hair is by far the hardest thing to cover when it comes to coloring hair. There are several reasons for this and those reasons may be that you are always getting yellow hair instead of that shinny gray hair or it just won't color because it's so stubborn.

When Covering gray hair there is one issue that always seems to arise, and that is the gray hair may have a yellow cast. This is caused by smoking, medication, sun exposure, and hair sprays/styling aids. You can use lighteners and hair color removers to remove the yellow discoloration. A shampoo that I use on gray hair and even those with the Salt-N-Pepper hair to keep it from being yellow is to use Shimmering Lights for Gray Hair and it will keep the hair from being yellow.

Most gray hair will accept the level of color desired. Color levels 8 or lighter may not completely cover the gray hair.When covering gray hair with a permanent color use a 20 volume developer and process the hair for 45 minutes.  Sometimes when it comes to gray hair is can be very resistant  that even with the right color formulation, application, and correct processing time, you will find that coverage may not be as you expected. Presoftening the hair may be necessary when coloring gray hair. This process raises the cuticle of the hair and this will allow for better penetration (this is a double application processing hair coloring service). The presoftener is applied and processed and then removed. After this is done the haircolor is applied.

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