HTOW: Applicator Brush

HTOW is making a COMEBACK!! This weeks Hair Tool of the week is the Applicator Brush. The reason why this is an important hair tool is because it can be used in color application, bleaching application, relaxer application, even applying the glue free quick weave. If you don't have this then you definitely need to get a few. They work wonders!!! What I like about the applicator brush is that it comes in all different sizes and the brushes are cut at different angles. The brush is reminiscent to that of a paint brush and when used correctly you can apply hair color, relaxer to the hair, and the glue free quick weave product evenly to the hair.

When applying hair color and bleach to the hair you can apply it first with the applicator brush evenly and then use the comb to comb it through the hair to make sure it's evenly on the hair from root to end.

Using the applicator brush for you relaxer application for both retouches and virgin relaxers will allow you to apply the relaxer to the roots evenly and keep it from being messy like when using just strictly a comb.
 You can part the hair with the applicator brush in subsections because the tail of the applicator brush is just like the end of a rat-tail comb.

While applying the glue free hair product you can make sure that the product is smooth and even on the hair that you are trying to cover. Check out the applicator brush up close and personal below:

This double sided brush and comb makes the ideal tool for applying both the powders and color creams.

Different brushes with different angles and sizes for different applications

 Benefits of using a Applicator Brush
  • Allows total control of the product being used
  • Reduces the application time of the product in half
  • Less Back and forth motion and overlapping of product on already chemically processed hair
  • Allows you to place the product close to the scalp with out actually touching the scalp
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