Make-up Haul: Ulta, Elf, and Meet Mark Cosmetics

Hello Blog Lovers! I just wanted to share with you guys my miniature haul. I've been doing a lot of shopping lately (more than usual) and I have been enjoying every minute of it! Ulta just had this huge beauty sale. Everything in the store was on sale so I took advantage of the sale. This is my first time shopping at Ulta and I must say I love the store. I would always think that this is not the store for me because they were so expensive. You can't judge a book by its cover or a store by it's prices until you read the book or make a purchase in the store. I was able to get some of their mineral shadows, nail polishes, and eye pencils. Check it out!

The color for this shadow is Cannyon kind of reminds me of GA red clay but more so a brick red. This is a shimmery eyeshadow.

 This eyeshadow color is called Jade it's shimmery green shadow I would describe it as a golden green eyeshadow. 

This eyeshadow color is called  Quartz it reminds me of pennies. Its a shimmery copper.

This eyeshadow color is called Petal. It's a rosy pink shimmery shadow.

This a Shadow/Blush. It has golden flakes in it and gives a shimmery effect. I've been using this on my cheeks. The color is called Seashell.

These eyeliners were one dollar! The colors from top to bottom are Olive, Indigo, and Rasin. Olive and Rasin are shimmery liners and Indigo is a matte color which I love I will probably use these on days when I feel like going simple and just line underneath my eyes.

The nail colors from top (left to right) to bottom are: Blue Steak (my sister used this and it was a very rich royal blue color I β™₯ it) Sun Sational (anxious to use this) Plum Perfect (very pretty rich violet purple) Top Coat and Base Coat.

** Two shadows not pictured: Marine and Snow**

I was in Target with my sister and I just happen to run across some E.L.F. Products and I picked up these lip glosses. They were sold three in pack so the price was three for a dollar. I like these although I love using flavored lip glosses (which is not a must but it's a plus), these lip glosses offer a little lip color and offer great shine to the lips. They are called the Hypershine Lip Gloss, colors were not stated but I would describe them as a rosey pink, sexy peach, and bubble gum pink.

Last but not least my Mark Haul. As everyone may or may not know Avon which has been around for years offers a teen beauty line that consists of make-ups, body scents, face and body products, hair products, jewelry, handbags, accessories, and now clothes and shoes. I was a Mark Rep in 2006 and it was short lived because I just couldn't find the time. My sister even tried but never really made a go of it either. My mother is now the one that sells Avon and along with Avon comes the title of a Mark Rep as well. I've purchsaed a lot in the past from Mark and I loved the product. They were great! This is my first Mark Haul in a long time and lets say I over did it and purchased a lot. 

The cute chic Black Avon Bag

I tried my best to make a cute little display of what I purchased. LOL

I wanted to have a compact that I could carry in my purse for an everyday on the go look. I love having a natural glow and keep it simple. So I wanted to have create a brown look. The colors from top to bottom are Biscotti, Espresso,Gioia and Java.  All are shimmery shadows except for Espresso which is a matte brown color.

This is my first bronzer compact. Offers a Golden Glow

Mosaic Blushes (Top to Bottom) Hush Baby and Chica

Marks Infamous Hook up connector Duo's I purchased (Left to Right) Petal and Rush. Both of these lip glosses are highly pigmented. I love the lip glosses. They are Fan-tab-u-lous!!

I had to get something to hold my shadows and blushes to complete the compact I created so I purchased the mega shadow/blush compact which holds 8 eye shadows, four blushes or a combo of the two. They have compacts that hold 4 eye shadows or two blushes and two shadows or one blush. It comes with brush (es) as well.

All put together. It's nothing spectacular but it would work for me on day to day basis!

Everything was purchased by me with my money. I am not an affiliate, partner, or representative for any of these companies. Although I was once a Mark rep as a consumer now I stand behind the products that they offer because they are affordable and of excellent quality!!!

Until next time Peace and Blessings
~β™₯ Miss Nic β™₯~

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