HPOW: VO5 Hot Oil Treatment

Hello Blog Lovers! I would like to welcome my new subscribers! Thanks for following the blog and welcome! I'm still covering the topic of the scalp. The scalp is the most vital important part of our hair. A healthy scalp will give you health hair! If you take care of your scalp the correct way you will have a great hair. This weeks hair product of the week is the V05 Hot Oil Treatment. There are numerous of hot oil treatments available on the market today but this particular one has been out on the market for a long time and is one of the most popular hot oil treatments. Hot oil treatments are primarily used to help revive dry hair and dry scalp. I will discuss dry scalp in full detail in my next blog post. This particular hot oil treatment contains Vitamin E which is good for the skin, it protects the skin (in this case scalp and hair) from the suns UVB rays. Check out the stats on this product below:

■Restores moisture to stressed, dry, or damaged hair.

■Seeks out and re-constructs damaged hair by bonding to the weak sites of every strand.

■Exclusive formula with Hair Strengthen Complex doubles the strength of hair, protecting it from breakage.*

How It Works!

This weekly pre-shampoo containing treatment with exclusive Hair Strengthening Complex doubles the strength of your hair.* Weak damaged instantly, so each individual strand receive the precise treatment it needs on the spot.

How to Use It!

■Place unopened tube in a cup of hot water for one minute.

■Before shampooing, massage content of tube into wet hair.

■Leave on up to one minute.

■Rinse hair, scalp, and skin thoroughly. Shampoo.

*One treatment of VO5 Hot Oil and VO5 shampooing versus VO5 shampooing alone.

All hot oil treatments usually are used the same way. What are your favorite hot oil treatment brands?
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