HTOW: Portable Hair Dryer Bonnet

This weeks Hair Tool of the Week is the Hair Dryer Bonnet. If you are tired of using the hand-held dryer and brush/comb method to dry your hair you should try the Hair Dryer Bonnet. This is good for those who do not desire to purchase a portable dryer and who need to have the extra heat for deep conditioning treatments or just drying the hair. There are hair dryer bonnets on the market today that come with it's own heat base and there are some that you just simply attach to your hand dryer and go from there. I know it's summer time and it's hot outside and a lot of us are avoiding using a lot of heat on our hair, and that's great but keep in mind to get the full affect of our deep conditioner methods we should always use some type of heat on our head to open up our pores. Heat from our head is sometime not always as effective as the heat from the dryer.  Also, keep in mind when you're purchasing a dryer, hand- held,portable, or the bonnet. The higher the wattage the more heat it's going to give off and how fast it's going to dry the hair. The higher the wattage on the hand-held dryers the straighter the hair will become because of the heat that it gives off. The higher the wattage the more energy it uses. There's a down side and an upside to choosing a dryer to obtain great results.The hair dryer bonnets usually range from $10.00 to $40.00 depending on the type and brand. The one pictured on the right is less than $10.00 because you just attach it to your hand-held dryer Click Here to check it out on

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