My Thoughts on Co-washing Part 2 (Further Explanation)

Okay...let me do a disclaimer for this blog post before I get started...because I've been a little worked up over some of the comments on my youtube channel and that's fine because it's a free country and we're all entitled to our own opinions. However the things that I am about to discuss concerning the topic of Co-Washing are my personal thoughts, my feelings, my full based knowledge on the topic of hair and my personal experience with the proper correct way to grow and maintain your hair. I would never give out information on anything if I have not fully researched it. I'm not a flake, a fake, a phony, a con-artist, or someone in search for popularity or fame and I would never suggest to anyone to try something that I know nothing about. Everything that I sign my name too is legit. I have a reputation that I would like to keep and uphold and I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that.

Let me just clarify what I said a little further with facts about shampoos and conditioners. Again Conditioners are not supposed to be used to wash the hair. That's why shampoos were invented. Condtioners are used to condition the hair and habitual misuse of conditioners will cause build up and oiliness to the hair which isn't good. 

So what are shampoos and what's their purpose??

 A: To cleanse the hair and scalp prior to receiving a service. (Which means before you apply any type of styling product or agent whether it's moisturizer, hairspray, or even conditioner)

What does and effective shampoo remove from the hair??

Skin Debris

* Keep in mind you do not want to adversely affect with the scalp or hair.  The scalp and hair need to be cleansed regularly to combat the accumulation of oils and perspiration that mix with the natural scales and dirt that will create a breeding ground for disease producing bacteria. (and yes...that goes for all races, genders, and hair types)

How often should you shampoo your hair??

Hair should be shampooed as often as necessary, depending on how quickly the scalp and hair become soiled.  As a general rule, oily hair should be shampooed more often than normal or dry hair.

I suggested that if you wanted to put moisture back into your hair to opt for Moisturizing shampoos and Moisturizing conditioners.
Conditioning and Moisturizing shampoos defined:

Shampoos designed to make the hair smooth and shiny, avoid damage to chemically treated hair, and improve manageability of the hair.

So what is a conditioner and it's purpose??

Special chemical agents applied to the hair to deposit protein or moisturizer, to help restore its strength and give it body, or to protect it against possible breakage.

There are three types of conditioners:
1. Rinse-Out
2. Treatment or repair
3. Leave-in

What are Deep Conditioners??
 Chemical Mixtures or concentrated protein and heavy cream base of moisturizer which is used to provide treatments when an equal degree of moisturizing and protein treatment is required.

Facts about conditioners::

Conditioners can build up on the hair shaft and make your hair heavy and oily if misused. Conditioners can be too much of a good thing.

Conditioners smooth the cuticle of the hair shaft and only coat the hair shaft

Fact about Healthy Hair: The key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp which is achieved by cleanliness and stimulation 

So what I was initially saying about Co-washing is that it's better for your hair and scalp to be cleanse prior to conditioning it.  Use the right shampoo for your hair type and hair problem. Don't use shampoos just to use it. They all have different purposes that's why they offer more than one type of shampoo. Product on top of product (not properly cleaning your hair before applying any other type of product) is abuse to your hair. Like I said in my video a cute idea is not a good idea. You are not supposed to misuse conditioners like some people have been doing. THEY ARE MADE OF CHEMICALS!!!!!  Shampoos are made of CHEMICALS And misusing them (using the wrong type for your hair)  will cause damaged unhealthy hair

So please be advised and aware that I research all of my information before I discuss or share it with anyone. Not to mention that I have experience with hair. It also bugs me that someone would dare to say that I have no clue about growing black hair when I've had hair all the way down my back for 19 years and no extensions. That's called proper hair maintenance and good genetics and even though my hair is now below my shoulder I still have been using proper hair maintenance and the genetics haven't changed. 

My hair regimen is Shampoo once a week and deep condition every two weeks, Relaxer Retouches every 4 to 5 weeks and I've been doing that forever and nothing has changes the length of my hair except for permanent coloring and highlighting that's why I advise others to stay away from it if you don't want breakage, and hair cutting, and NO I've never Co-washed and I never will because of what I know and what I'm doing is growing my hair. So Yes ma'am I do know how to grow black hair because I have been properly trained and I am 100% black in case you weren't aware and I 'm relaxed!!!!!!!<<<<< Sorry guys I needed to vent>>>> LOL

All information was found in the Milady's Cosmetology book and is what's required by the State Board of Cosmetology for all licensed Cosmetologist and Salons to know and adhere too.

Eveything I say and do is out of love and I just want to be a blessing to those who are willing to recieve a blessing and if you don't want it then move to the back of the line for the next person.

Until Next time Peace and Blessings ~β™₯Miss Nicβ™₯~

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