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I went to sally's this morning to do an assignment for my cosmetology class and I just had to make a purchase...I didn't have too but I get shoppers anxiety when I walk into a store. I could go in there to get one thing a come out with everything that I don't need. Well in this case I could have waited to make a purchase but everything just was saying purchase me please. So I had to give in to their requests and this is what I got! 

The Silk Elements Megasilk Heat Protectant Spray <<<< Hair Product of the Week>>>> $7.39
  • Check out the Hair product of the week for more info

Doo Gro Deep Down Intense Penetrating Conditioner <<>> $ 5.79
  •   I just wanted to add this to my Doo Gro Product usage. This conditioner is supposed to be applied to your hair after it has already been shampooed and Conditioned.  It's Supposed to reconstruct damaged hair, Relieve itching and dandruff (which I need ) Restores Moisture to dry hair, Ends splits ends and breakage, and promote strong healthy, growing hair. This conditioner contains all the same natural herbs as found in the other products I'm using such as Chamomile, Henna, Goldenseal, Hops, Horsetail plant, and soap bark. It smells great too!!

Silk Elements Glossing Polish $1.99 (I purchased a small tube. I wanted to make sure that it wasn't too oily or heavy for my liking)
  • Like I said in the Hair Product of the Week this can be used as a heat protectant as well as the spray. This polish adds brilliant Luster and shine, Helps to eliminate frizzies, as well as seal in Color. It's light weight fortified with silk protein, aloe Vera, and Vitamin E.

Proclaim Aloe Hot Oil $ 1.79
  • I've used this before and it's great!  This product will add Luster and Shine while Moisturizing Dry Dull and Lifeless hair. You just take the small bottle which is great for two applications and sit into some hot water. One thing that I love about this is the fact that's is made from aloe and for those that wear braids, or have the tight uncomfortable tension from the sew-ins or even irritation from the stocking caps for the quick weave just add a little bit to the irritated area for two days and it will clear it right up!

Olive Oil Replenishing Pak Deep Penetrating Conditioner $ 1.29

  • I know everyone should know about this product. It helps to restore moisture and rebuild damaged hair. You can use this with or without a dryer. If you use a dryer just leave it one for 5-15 minutes. If you don't use a dryer, You can leave it on for 45 minutes to an hr. Works just as fine and smells Great!!!
I will be doing product reviews on these products in the near future!
I will be making a video about this for my tubers! So be on the look out! 

If you haven't noticed already every product that I use on my hair is made with some type of natural ingredient or herbal ingredient! 

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