HPOW: Doo Gro Deep Penetrating Conditioner and SIlk Elements Heat Protectant (Review)

 The Hair product of the Week is the Doo Gro Deep Penetrating Conditioner. I love it! I used it on my hair when I shampooed it on Friday last week. It was time for a Deep Conditioner so I sat under a dryer for about 15 minutes. I followed the directions and it says to follow up with this particular Deep Conditioner after the hair has already been shampooed and conditioned and for best results to use it every week (one time). I was kind of skeptical about doing this because too much conditioning like I said will be bad for the hair due to a protein overage. So I followed the instructions and my hair feels great. It's soft and it looks great. The Doo Gro is working for me and my hair and I have to say that I love the products although they haven't completely strayed me away from my Design Essentials products.

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  The Silk Elements Heat Protection was the Hair Product of the week last week but I just had to talk about my experience with it so far. This product overall smells great which I love smell good products. It's like a must have thing for me. I love using shampoos and conditioners on my hair that will leave a smell until I wash it again. My experience with the Silk Elements products that I've used so far have had that affect. The smell lasts until I shampoo again. The directions on this product says to spray on the hair before using your heat tool. Because this product is oil based and can eventually make the hair appear to be weighed down I would suggest spraying only a little bit at at time as you would do oil sheen covering the whole perimeter of the head in one circular motion. Other than that I love the product. It gives my hair added shine and it feels and smells great!

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