Miss Nic's Lip Balms Favs for winter

Hello Bloggers! I appologize for the delay but I've just wanted to touch on my favorite thing which is lip balms, jellies, and glosses and some that I have found over time at a great price and are great for this wretched winter weather. I've never really left home without my lip gloss it's a necessity along with my cell phone...without them I feel naked!!! I remember being in middle school and discovering my favorite lip gloss brand which was lip smackers. To this day I still love lip smackers however I have discovered some new lip candies and I love them and if you don't have them already you should definately try them. I'm not a fan of color on my lips  unless it's a special occasion and it's not going to be a very loud color, I like to keep it light and neutral because my lips are so full. That may not be a valid reason but that's just my preference. So for all of you that love lipsticks and colors, I ran across this article in Cosmo that was discussing lipsticks that stay on and hydrate which is good for the winter.

I ran across these lip balms by L'Oreal High Intensity Pigment (HIP) jelly balms. I love it! At first I was skeptical because of the color of the lip balms and they are available in reds, oranges, and pink colors but the color came out to be transparent on my lips. I put this on my lips and it gives it the added shine that I want as well as protection from the cold harsh winds that blow during the day. You can purchase these online or even at the drug store, wal-mart, or target. If I remember correctly they are under 10.00. They last for a long time which is always good.

I just discovered my new love for Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Red delicious. I love the shine that it gives and the taste is just as good as well. I love flavored lip glosses. It contains mineral oil which is great for dry lips and to keep them protected from the weather.

I also love the In Color by Jordana Squeeze and Shine Lip gloss. You can find these at Walgreen's for $1.99 at the cosmetic counter. I was just trying to get something new and there it was staring me in my face. So I picked up several tubes and I love it. It gives great shine and has great flavor. It leaves a nude look to the lips depending on the shade which I love.

Out of the many lip balms, jellies, and glosses that I have found or tried these are my top three pics. They aren't tacky and they keep my lips just like I like them.

For all of my Lipstick lovers....Giorgio Armani has a lipstick that is long lasting for 8 hours and keeps the lips hydrated for 6 hours. It's called the Giorgio Armani Rouge D'Armani Lipstick and it's only $30.00.

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