My Experience: Stay Lean Tea 1 Week Review plus Giveaway

My Experience: Stay Lean Tea 1 Week Review plus Giveaway

Stay Lean Tea Australia

Hey Beauties and Beaus, 

My friends at

Stay Lean Tea

reached out to me and sent me some amazing Detox Tea that I'm excited to share with you. They even added some extra tea in my package just for you to help jumpstart your weight loss goals for 2016. More details about the tea and giveaway are below.

About the Tea

Stay Lean Tea unlike any other detox teas, takes a different approach to weight loss. Stay Lean Tea has created a formula that consists of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and catechins. This unique, powerful blend helps to promote nutrient absorption while alkalizing and detoxifying the body. All of the ingredients work together to help boost your metabolism and cleanse your body naturally. Unlike other detox teas, there is no laxative. There is no need to worry or be concerned about irritating stomach cramping, or discomfort.

Stay Lean Tea will help to do the following to help promote healthy weight loss:

  • Burn Fat & Boost Metabolism
  • Detoxify the Body
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Removes Toxins from the Digestive Tract
  • Reduce Bloating and Water Retention
  • No Laxatives Included

My Experience 1 Week Review

I’ve used the tea for one week now and I love it! I’ve noticed a difference already within one week. It’s hard to give a full complete review so far because I’m not finished with the tea. However, I will say that I have experienced appetite suppression and reduced bloating. During the first week, I actually went on a personal fast for a period of time throughout the day for four consecutive days.  I started with my morning tea and it held me throughout the day until I ate dinner. I wasn’t hungry or searching for something to eat. I was actually comfortable and I didn’t feel starved. There wasn’t any hunger pains or stomach growling. Like most women, I deal with bloating. Especially at a certain time of the month. None of my clothes will fit comfortably. During the first week (which just so happened to be the time I expect bloat), I didn’t experience any bloating. I noticed that my clothes fit great and actually better. It’s too soon to say that I’ve lost weight (as in lbs), but I’ve noticed my tummy appears flatter.  I feel slimmer around the waist. 

There is soo much I could share from my first week, I don’t want to spoil it for my final review, which will be posted November 16, 2015 two days before the end of the giveaway!


My friends at Stay Lean Tea sent me a 14-day detox pack just for you! You have the opportunity to get your hands on this amazing tea to help jump start your 2016 Fitness goals. The Giveaway starts November 11, 2015 at 12 AM and Ends November 18, 2015. The Winner will be chosen randomly. Great News! There are multiple ways to enter and earn points to better your chances to win.

  • Complete the entry Form (automatic points)
  • Like My Facebook Fan Page if you haven’t already (If you have already let me know)
  • Tweet me (Tweet will show up once the giveaway is open)
  • Follow me on Twitter (@kellynicolemua)
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Stay Tuned! Peace and  Blessings

-XO Kelly Nicole 

My Experience: Stay Lean Tea 14-Day Detox Review

My Experience: Stay Lean Tea 14-Day Detox Review

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