Stylish Frames with Firmoo

Stylish Frames with Firmoo

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sent me my first pair of fashion specs/computer glasses a few weeks ago and as your beauty best friend and blogger, I wanted to share my experience with you.

I don’t wear glasses, and according to my doctor I have 20/20 vision. However, I work at a computer for my full-time job, my blog, and I’m just an all-around computer nerd, so my eyes do get a little tired. I’ve experienced blurred vision and just achy eyes in general just from extended computer use. There’s a name for these symptoms, according to the vision doctor, the issue is

Computer Vision Syndrome

(CVS). The solution is simple…computer glasses.

It was suggested to me to find some computer glasses to wear while working on the computer, and after searching Amazon and EBay, all I could find were these ugly yellow tinted glasses.

The frames were unflattering and the yellow tint just made it even worse. I just put it to the back of my mind to revisit at a later time.

Firmoo contacted me and sent me a pair of fashion specs/computer glasses to try and I love them! They are completely adorbs and I’ve received tons of compliments. Good-Bye to the traditional goofy looking computer glasses and say hello to computer glasses that can double as the perfect faux specs to add to your everyday look.

Firmoo offers glasses for both men and women and some amazingly cute sunglasses to help you beat the heat. The selection of frames to choose from are great, they offer nerd glasses, designer glasses, reading glasses, prescription sunglasses, big glasses, computer glasses (including blue-light blocking lenses) and much more! Their website is updated


with new frames to choose from, no worries with finding frames to fit your style preference. 

As I mentioned earlier, the typical computer glasses are just unflattering in appearance. I took advantage of their virtual look viewer to find the perfect frames to fit my face and appease my sense of style. I uploaded a picture of myself, made my selection, and I placed my order. It was that simple. The checkout process was easy and far from difficult. I was so happy to have the option to choose from multiple styles and not just one specific style for my computer glasses. Most of all my frames would be clear and not yellow. What’s even better, my glasses serve two purposes. I don’t have to limit them to computer use only. 

My glasses came within a matter of days, and I received my new stylish frames, a case, carrying pouch, a cleaning cloth, and a tiny (double ended) screwdriver.

They have helped tremendously when I use the computer. No more suffering from CVS! If you check out their site right now, they are having a sale until the end of July. As a bonus, new customers receive

15% off

your first pair. If you wear prescription glasses, you can enter your information before checking out.

I love my new frames and I’m sure you will find a pair to fit your style and personality! Happy Shopping!

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