Five MUST HAVE Items for your Makeup Bag

Five MUST HAVE Items for your Makeup Bag

Beauties and Beaus, 

Here is a quick/short list of the five items every beauty needs in her makeup bag. I'm sure you are wondering which makeup bag I'm referring to, but this makeup bag is the one you will carry with you in your purse. In the past, I've made the mistake of carrying a makeup bag and a lipstick bag (a bag loaded with all of my lipstick shades #teamtoomuch). After much thought and consideration, I realized that I needed to minimize and lighten my load by reducing the products I carry with me on a daily basis. 

5 MUST Have Items 


A Setting/Matte Face Powder:

Every beauty needs a setting/matte face powder in her makeup bag. After leaving the house and getting busy our makeup tends to separate. The face powder is going to reduce shine and and get rid of any oil. Depending on your foundation, the setting powder will help to put everything back into place. 


A Kabuki Brush (Small):

 The small Kabuki Brush is for the Setting Powder application. After your foundation has began to oxidize, it's important to use a dense brush to apply your powder. Using the Kabuki brush will prevent your foundation from moving. Use a stippling motion and not a buffing motion to apply your powder. 


2 Lipsticks (Dark Shade/Lighter Shade):

You need at least two lipsticks to care with you. I'm a nude girl, so those lipsticks stay within the nude/pink family. These two lipsticks should be two that compliment your complexion well. I would suggest carrying the two you reach for the most. I got rid of my lipstick bag and decided to carry two lipsticks with me at all times. If I decide to change up my lipstick from the two I carry with me, I add the new shade to my makeup bag and put it back at the end of the day. 


Lip Balm:

You need a lip balm! I'm sure you're probably wondering why if you're wearing lipstick, trust me, you need it. Applying a lip balm before you apply your lipstick will help to protect your lips and prep them for a smooth lipstick application. There are days after eating and drinking my lipstick disappears (I HATE THIS), and I may decide to not reapply. When I don't reapply I start to lick my lips. Let me just say licking your lips will make them drier. Apply the lip balm to keep your lips soft and beautiful. 


Oil Blotting Sheets:

Depending on how oily your skin may become throughout the day, you may need to use an oil blotting sheet. If you have to use an oil blotting sheet, follow with your setting powder. My skin becomes oily in my T-zone only, the powder is sometimes the only thing I need. This is determined on your skin type and the foundation you use. 

Do you have these five items in your makeup bag? If not what are some of the beauty items you can't leave home without? Let me know below in the comment section. 

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