Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Satin Bonnet #bonnetgang

Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Satin Bonnet #bonnetgang


: I'm not trying to encourage discord or arguments between you and your boo. I'm just giving some insight as to why you shouldn't ditch your satin bonnet/scarf. Maybe you can explain this to your significant other. Hopefully they will understand.


There was great talk in regards to the infamous Satin Bonnet last month. The conversation was sparked by an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta as a result of the conversation


Kandi and her husband Todd. When I saw the episode I wasn't too surprised by his claim that the satin bonnet ruined the mood because  I've heard it before from friends, but I've never experienced that in my dating life. In the past, whenever I became comfortable enough with the person I was dating, I'd put on my satin bonnet before there was even a discussion about bed time. In the past (cheers to abstinence), it was always a

"let me see what his response will be with the cap on while I'm in my comfort zone"




My comfort zone is in my apartment. The Satin Bonnet is meant for indoors and not outdoors. #ijs.

As a result of the discussion various only blogging sites have conducted surveys and sparked conversation about the Satin Cap and if it was actually true that it ruined the mood. There were some guys who mentioned the satin cap didn't ruin the mood, they had absolutely no problem at all with their significant other wearing the satin bonnet to bed.  There were only a few guys who mentioned the cap ruined the mood. There were even some who were puzzled as to why it could even cause a problem.

Unfortunately, the Satin Bonnet, a product created to protect the hair of the African American Woman, has created some issues with relationships. Before I get into a few reasons as to why you should not ditch your satin bonnet let's find out where and why it started in the first place.  The idea of covering your hair while you sleep dates back to slavery. Many enslaved women covered their hair up with cloth for various reasons. Out of all those reasons, the purpose of wearing their hair covered at night was to protect the hair from insects while they slept. This is also the main reason why for years black women have greased their scalps to protect their hair for the same reason (not necessarily for hair growth). Today we know the purpose of covering our hair at night is to keep our hair from drying out from our typical cotton based sheets and to prevent hair breakage. The satin bonnet/scarf is favorable over bandana because it won't dry the hair out and cause it to break.

Want to know more about the history of the relationship between the black woman and her satin bonnet/scarf check out these links...







Here are a few reasons as to why I believe are justifiable in regards to you keeping your satin bonnet. Please understand that you do have options, such as the satin pillow case. However, in my opinion, I recommend the satin bonnet/scarf because it's most likely to keep everything together.


Protect Your Investment:

I'm most certain your guy should be in favor of you protecting your investment. Any money/ time spent on styling your hair is considered an investment. A typical sew-in costs anywhere from 300-500 depending on the stylist and location. In most cases, the sew-in can cost you more. Let's not forget the 300-700 you may have spent on your new hair bundles. If this is the case, you have spent money and therefore time (2-3 hrs) on your new sew-in and it's best to protect it to make sure that you don't have to spend more money to make it look fresh. The sew-in is not the only style that needs protecting. If you style your own hair, like me, you should desire to protect your hair simply from the time it took you to complete. I currently have Senegalese twists in my hair (took me about 6-8 hrs to complete on myself), and I tie it up every night with my satin scarf to keep them looking fresh. Protect your investment!


Helps to Retain Moisture:

African American textured hair is typically drier than any other hair texture, therefore it's important to add moisture and find ways to retain moisture. Most people typically sleep on cotton sheets or a blend which will more than likely contain cotton. The cotton is going to absorb the moisture in your hair. Therefore causing it to become dry and brittle. The satin bonnet/scarf is going to protect your hair from becoming dry, and in doing so, it's going to help you retain moisture. Most African American women moisturize their hair before bed, the satin bonnet is simply going to help keep the hair moisturized and your sheets free from the product.


Prevent Hair Breakage:

Hair that is dry and brittle tends to break.


Cuts back on the styling time:

Let's be honest, those of us that are working women don't have hours in the morning to style our hair. I know for me if I desire to have a fly hair style in the morning I have to wake up an hour early to style my hair. Who has time to do that when you could use that extra hour to sleep (Thank God for satin rollers). Let's not forget the time it takes to beat and snatch my face. The satin cap/scarf is going to help minimize the morning hustle and bustle to style your hair. I know for me it helps to minimize any frizz that I may experience. Trust me, frizzy hair is just going to add more time to the styling process.

Keep in mind that you do have options in regards to protecting your hair while you sleep. There is the satin pillow case. Personally I have tried it, but I doubt that it will work as good as the satin bonnet/scarf especially for those of us who sleep wild (like myself). If your bonnet is not staying on at night while you sleep, try using a scarf on top of your bonnet or vice versa to protect your hair. Your satin bonnet, although it looks crazy to some and can be unattractive to your significant other is beneficial to maintaining your hair and retaining length. If you are married and your husband just can't seem to get down with the satin bonnet, make the compromise put it on after he has gone to sleep. As for me, I hope to never experience the complaint that the satin bonnet is ruining the mood. I haven't before and I honestly hope I don't have to in the future. I love my satin bonnet. I put it on even when I take a nap at home. I don't have the time to play when it comes to my hair. I have invested time and money to grow my hair, I'm going to take the necessary steps to keep it that way.

What do you think? Have you experienced this in regards to your Satin Bonnet/Scarf? Sound off in the comments and let me know! Are you team #bonnetgang or no?

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