My Current Skin Care Routine ft. Evian Facial Spray


In times past I've received numerous compliments on my skin and how it looks so nice and blemish free. Although I do appreciate the compliments I do work hard to maintain my skin to keep it looking its best considering I wear makeup daily. The

Evian Facial Spray

, which I've recently incorporated into my daily skin care routine, was sent to me from the Wilkes Group to review for my Youtube Channel and I had to make sure that I shared it here also. The key to taking care of your skin is to make sure that you cleanse properly (day and night), tone your skin (with a toner or astringent), and moisturize your skin (this helps to minimize wrinkles). Exfoliating and the use of a Facial Mask are also important. Depending on your skin type, you would need to choose an exfoliating method and a facial mask. Exfoliating the skin is important because it helps to slough away dead skin cells, remove dirty and keep your pores looking smaller. It's also going to help you achieve a glowing complexion. If you skip this step in your skin care routine your pores will accumulate dirt and other debris which can lead to breakouts on the face. The purpose of using a facial mask is simply to cleanse the skin further. Using a facial mask can help to unclog pores, achieve a glowing complexion, and even be relaxing. I tend to use a facial mask once a week (Saturdays) to help keep my skin clear. Since I've incorporated the facial buff pads into my skin care routine, I tend to exfoliate while I cleanse my skin every other day. When I don't use the facial buff pads I tend to use my hands to wash my face.  Below is a detailed list of the products I use on my skin and some more information on the Evian Facial Spray.

Evian Facial Spray

The exquisitely fine mist produced by Evian® Brumisateur® penetrates and re-hydrates the upper layers of the skin. Evian® water has a unique mineral balance along with exceptional purity which suits all skin types, even the most sensitive. Leaves skin looking healthy and feeling refreshed. Dermatologically tested. The leak-proof canister is the ideal product to take on-the-go in any purse or travel bag. Unlike other water sprays, Evian Spray is sealed at the source, so it can not be contaminated.

After using this facial spray, I became convinced that I needed to use this in my skin care routine moving forward. As I mentioned in the video, I can see myself using this product moving forward for a long time. It made my skin feel extra soft and it also made my skin feel refreshed. Considering hotter days are fast approaching I would suggest purchasing this facial spray to keep on hand to give you mid-day skin refreshing cool down. This facial spray is perfect for refreshing your makeup, Despite the water content the facial spray will not cause your makeup to run. I noticed that it literally refreshed my makeup and helped it to look as if it had been freshly applied. 

The facial spray comes in three sizes: 1.7 oz., 5 oz. (as shown in the video), and 10 oz canister. It's perfect for on the go, home, or office. 

Products Used

Morning Skin Care Routine:

Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser

Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent

Evian Facial Spray (moisturizes, refreshes, and tones)

Ambi Fade Cream (I only use this at night, I used this particular morning because I forgot the night before)

Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15 Sunscreen Radiant Skin (Comparable to Aveeno Facial Moisturizer)

Night Skin Care Routine: 

Makeup Removal Wipes (No specific brand, whatever I can find that's on sale)

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser (I prefer using this at night when I remove my makeup to ensure I don't get breakouts from all of the makeup that I wear daily)

Mint Julep Masque (Helps to dry up pimples, rinses away blackheads, and shrinks enlarged pores) MUST HAVE!!

Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent

Evian Facial Spray (moisturizes, refreshes, and tones)

Ambi Fade Cream

Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream

The Facial Buff Pads can be purchased at