Skinny Fox Detox 2 Week Review

Skinny Fox Detox 2 Week Review

Skinny Fox Detox - 28 Days - Total Body Reboot


I decided to do a detox during the month of February to help jump start my spring slim down starting in March. I focus mostly on outer beauty (hair, makeup, and the like), but I felt it's also necessary for me to focus on the inner beauty also moving forward, considering my new found health kick. I found this detox online while searching for detox teas. I have seen many tea detoxes via instagram and I wanted to try it to see if it would work for me to jump start my metabolism. So far I have completed two weeks of the detox and I am nearing the completion of my third week. Let me give you the deets on the tea, give you my experience so far, and more!

About Skinny Fox Detox

Skinny Fox Detox is a tea detox which offers both a morning tea and a night time tea made strictly from organic ingredients. The company offers three different teas for you to choose from to complete your detox. There is the Cleansing Tea: Good Bye Cherry Pie, the Metabolism Tea: Hello Gorgeous, and the Daily Detox Tea: Stay Foxy. There are two different detox plans that you can choose from, the Mini Fox which is a 14-day detox, and the Skinny Fox which is a 28-day detox. Each detox package includes the Cleansing Tea, which is to be taken every other night during the detoxing process, and the Metabolism Tea, which is to be taken every morning during the detoxing process.

Deets about the Tea

Morning Metabolism Tea: Hello Gorgeous



Organic Yerba Mate


Organic Sencha Green Tea


Organic Oolong

, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Lemon Verbena, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Cornflower blossoms, Goji Berry, Organic Acai Berry,

Organic Ginseng Root

Evening Cleansing Tea: Good Bye Cherry Pie

Active Ingredients

Organic Senna Leaf

, Organic Peppermint Leaf,

Organic Fennel Fruit

, Organic Orange Peel,

Organic Cinnamon Bark


Organic Ginger Root

, Organic Coriander Fruit

The morning Metabolism Tea: Hello Gorgeous, is a loose leaf tea that requires a tea infuser, The evening Cleansing Tea: Good Bye Cherry Pie is packaged in individual tea bags. 

My Experience

I chose to take the


Detox Skinny Detox. I wanted to take this detox to help flatten my tummy. I was not under the assumption that I would lose 2-3 dress sizes while detoxing. Although it is possible, my focus was to jump start my metabolism, flatten my tummy a little bit more, and cleanse my system out. This has been an interesting experience, during the first four days of the detox, I experienced really bad headaches due to caffeine withdrawals. I drink coffee every morning, and even thou you can drink coffee during the detox, I chose not to. I didn't care to sweeten my coffee with honey. The morning tea does contain green tea, but it was no where near as strong as my Starbucks coffee. The detox requires for you to avoid all white foods, sugar, fried foods, and dairy. I must admit dairy was the hardest thing to avoid. I realized during this detox that dairy is a big part of my regular diet. I was under the impression that the teas would be strong and taste horrible, but the teas were actually very smooth in taste and extremely easy to drink. I used honey to sweeten my tea and added a little bit of lemon juice for taste. 

As I mentioned, I haven't drank any coffee during the detox. However, the tea has done a good job with keeping me alert and focused during the day. If you are dependent on coffee to keep you awake, trust that tea will do the same. I've done a good job with making sure that I eat properly during the detox, and I have made sure that I have been consistent with taking my teas. I haven't really did a lot of working out over the past two weeks, but I have noticed that my "Cherry Pie" i.e. baby pudge get smaller and that was my main goal. 

The teas are light tasting and I believe they are working, my only suggestion is to make sure that you follow directions concerning steeping the tea, and drinking plenty of water. The night time tea made me relaxed. After drinking the tea, I felt ready to go to bed and sleep. Make sure you drink the tea a couple of hours before bed, to drink enough water to make sure you don't experience stomach discomfort. 

Check back in a few weeks for my final thoughts and update on the Detox. Until then, check out the site! 

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