Product Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and Dip Brow Pomade #Browzonfleek

Product Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and Dip Brow Pomade #Browzonfleek

I finally got my hands on the infamous Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Brow Pencil and Dip Brow Pomade! I must say, if you are truly a lover of makeup or an avid makeup wearer, you need to  have these two products in your makeup collection! My  brows can tell a huge difference and so can I. I love these products and I know for sure you will love them as well.

Brow Wiz Brow Pencil

I use this brow pencil to start the sculpting of my brows as I would any other brow pencil. I find it helps to create the perfect sculpted brow and minimize a lot of clean up later. My color of choice in this brow pencil is ebony. I find this shade works best for my skin tone and hair color. The color of this pencil is comparable to a dark brown eyebrow pencil, but doesn't render heavy color pay off. I believe the color pay off is what I love most about this pencil. Most of the eyebrow pencils I have used in the past have been heavy and leave my brows appearing extra harsh and too dark. Once I ran out of my first pencil, I could tell the difference between the brow wiz pencil and my former eyebrow pencil. Brow Wiz is perfect for filling in the entire brow. Unlike most brow pencils, brow wiz leaves you with a nice natural looking eyebrow.

Deets about the pencil

This brow pencil is a retractable brow pencil. You can control how much of the pencil you use on any given day of the week. On the opposite end of the pencil, there is a brow brush (spoolie). It's a super cute sleek slim pencil that can fit inside of your purse of makeup bag which makes it easy for travel.

What I like/dislike about Brow Wiz

I love this pencil and I am definitely hooked and planning to purchase more than one in the future (possibly 2-3 my next purchase), because this pencil will run out fast. That is the only thing I dislike about this pencil. It's super popular and when I ran out, my local Ulta was completely out of Ebony! I was devastated. This product can be purchased


from the company website, but I love the convenience of purchasing it in the store (I hate waiting). I suggest purchasing this pencil in pairs, trust me, your brows will thank you!

Dip Brow Brow Pomade

I purchased this product in conjunction with the brow wiz pencil. I also purchased this product in the shade of Ebony. This product can be used in conjunction with brow wiz to fill in the brow if you choose, or you can sculpt and fill in the brow with this product alone. I must admit, sculpting my brows with this product alone intimidated me in the beginning because the color pay off can range from light to heavy depending on how much you use. A little goes a long way with this product. You only need to use a little bit to complete your brows. Before I ran out of my brow wiz pencil, I used the pomade to fill in my brows. Today, I still use this product to fill in my brows, I simply use a different method for sculpting my brows initially.

Deets about Dip Brow

This product comes in a small jar similar to any gel liner packaging. It's small in size and easy to fit inside of your purse or make up bag like the brow wiz pencil. The texture of the pomade is not heavy, unless you apply a lot of the product. It doesn't dry hard on top of your brows, and it is waterproof (yaay). The product may appear to be like a gel liner (in consistency), but in my opinion, the product is similar in consistency and texture to the dream mouse foundation. It has a powdery, matte finish; whereas, a gel liner is creamy and offers a shine.

What I like/dislike about Dip Brow

I love the Dip Brow Pomade for the same reasons I love the Brow Wiz Pencil. The only thing I dislike is the time it takes to master the application technique without the start of the pencil. There are ways for you to apply the product without the pencil (I have since mastered this, tutorial to follow), and once you do so, it's a breeze. It's more than enough product to last you. The more you use, the darker the brow will become. As mentioned before, a little goes a long way with this product. This also allows you still create a natural looking brow that is not heavy in appearance or too strong to the eye and photography.

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