Kute with K. Logan Hair Makeover

Kute with K. Logan Hair Makeover

Hello  Blog Lovers!! It has been forever since I've posted a blog and I do apologize. However, I have been working on a some new things for 2013 and I will be incorporating them soon enough!  Spring has sprung (even though it doesn't seem like it) and so has my hair color! I was invited to be a part of the Kute with K. Logan Hair Makeover this past Tuesday and I decided to color my hair. 

Check out

more info

rmation about the salon and my exper

ience below!!

About the Salon

K.Logan Hair Salon is a salon located in the Atlanta area that

specializes in making customized hair pieces for both male and female clients along with retailing quality hair extensions. The


vision is to provide both high quality hair and hair replacement services in a

well-designed setting. The Salon pr


s itself on not just being a hair salon, but being a

n experience. In addition to creating custom hair pieces and retailing luxurious hair, K. Logan offers standard services includi

ng hai

rcuts, color, shampoos, conditioning treatments, extensions, and hair removal ser

vices. The fully renovated salon features


styling areas which are secluded and private

, giv

ing the client full comfort in having their own space and privacy at the time

of their service, as well as a color bar which show

cases a s

pace where guest

s can view their personalized color being formulated

. The idea behind K. Logan Hair is to bring a sens

e of reassuring to everyone


My Experience

As I

stated before I was invited to

experience K. Logan Hair first hand this

past Tuesday. I was in

much need of a hair make

over or in this case a color lift

, shampoo, and fresh flat iron experi


As you guys will see below

in the befo

re and after picture I

am exactly 2 mo


s post rela


I wanted to lighten my hair color from Jet black to a

brownish red hu


and my results turn

ed out to be different tha

n e


pected but, I love it!!

 I arrived at the salon


anxiousness and much anticipation

to change my

hair color

( I was a little apprehensive about using permanent hair color), and was welcomed by salon owner and stylist Kia Logan. The

re was great music

, chic atmosphere, hues of pink, gray, and black, and

that greeted me as well

. I was escorte

d to

one of the

private rooms that

allowed m

e to have

an one on one salon expe

rience with Kia. She asked me questions regarding my current hair status, the last time I had a relaxer re-to

uch (I am relaxed,

but I

have been s


stretching m

y relaxers), my hair color history ( I have permanently dyed my hair black year ago and retouch

ed with semi-permanent hair color








Permanent being on

e of them) and one demi permanent appl



, and

what color I desired

to achieve before leavi

ng the salon. I was draped and the color mixing began. 

The color

process took a long

time to achieve, because like I mentioned before my hair was dyed jet black and

all though I haven't dyed my hair

in any manner since the en

d of 2011 the color didn't

process as easily as I thought it would.

Although it was time


, Kia remained pr


nal and continued to work

diligently to make sure I was satisfied. I origi

nally wanted a solid color

change from root to tip, but due to my

previous encounters with





hair color (

which p


s the hair shaft and makes i

t hard to

reverse witho

ut s


pping the hair completely) I left wi

th something

completely different


Fits me perfectly! Reverse Ombre

(light roo

ts, medium color

mid shaft, and dark tips). I

know I've said it before, but I love it

and so does everyone else!! Just in time for


I loved the private rooms that were available

within the salon. It gives you that on

e on one experien

ce that is needed

and much appreciated in the salon.

I enjoyed my


at the salon and my hair turned out great! 

The Salon offer

s both hair an

d make



along with a

n exclusive hair extension line.

The services are affordable and not expensive

. If yo

u are looking for quality service,


e on one perso

nal service, and

hair services that won't break your bank account and leav

e you looking

fabulous check out K. Logan Hair.

Check out my Before and After of my hair color


K.Logan Hair Contact Info


1610 Lavista Road Suite #4


, GA 30329


Email: kloganhair@gmail.com

Website: www.kloganhair.com

Facebook: www.facebook.








Stay Tuned for an Exclusive Interview with

Salon Owner and Stylist Kia Logan.

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!! Peace of Blessings xo

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