Skin Care Thursday: How I Maintain Clear Skin

Skin Care Thursday: How I Maintain Clear Skin

Skin Care

Hello Blog lovers!! Today is Skin Care Thursday!! I've received numerous complements on my skin via my Youtube videos and I just wanted to share with you guys some things that I do to keep my skin clear. Clear skin or should I say skin that is free from zits and dark spots is really important to me. My skin is top priority along with the overall health of my hair. Like everyone else, once I hit puberty I experienced breakouts on my face and that is when I first began to pay close attention to my skin and what triggered the breakouts.

I discovered that my scalp was naturally oily and a long time ago I wore bangs, and the oil from my scalp was on my hair and in my face. I soon realized that this was causing my breakouts to happen. At the time I was shampooing my hair every two weeks, and this is when  I opted to shampoo my hair once a week.  Once I started doing this I noticed that my skin started to clear up a bit.  As for cleansing my skin I was using a store brand glycerin soap that my mom suggested I use to clear up my skin. I tried Mary K products, Avon Products, Noxema (which broke me out in hives), and basically anything that I felt would help (none of them worked).

One day while out with my mom I discovered Ambi skin care products at my local beauty supply store and I began to use the Complexion Cleansing Bar. I begged her to buy it..this bar worked wonders for my skin. I made sure to use it morning and night. To help even out my dark spots that were left behind from my breakouts, I used the Ambi Fade cream (my mom used it and told me to use it). I immediately started to see a difference in my skin. After many different trials and errors with my skin care routine I stuck with Ambi for a long time.

The biggest thing with your hair being dirty is that once you shampoo your hair and put product in it, it's dirty. After you go outside into the air where dirt and dust is flying around, it's even dirtier. The more product you put on it, it gets dirtier. The more you sweat it gets dirtier. We all have a tendency to touch our face throughout the day ( I think the average person touches their face 1,000 times a day) and sometimes it's after we have scratched out head. Clear skin can happen if you keep your hair clean (especially if you have dandruff and oily scalp) and maintain a good cleansing routine.

Today, because I wear make up I focus more on my skin than before. I don't do these things everyday but I make sure to do them at least when I feel the need to do so, or once a week. Everyone should know that when cleansing your face you should use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. You should never skip the toning (astringent) step because it helps to remove excess dirt, oil, and build up. I use a facial mask and I exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.

I DO NOT WEAR MAKEUP TO BED!! That is a terrible thing to do to your skin. I never really understood why you would wear make up to bed. Your eyes are closed and if you're married your husband's eyes are closed, but when you wake up your pillowcase is full of foundation and your lashes (just random thoughts). To each his own, but to be honest you are clogging your pores and it's leading to your breakouts and other skin problems. Your Hubby or Significant other should understand that your skin is important underneath your makeup.

On days that I do wear make up I remove all of my makeup (that includes lashes and eyebrows) with my Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Wipes (I use two). Then I proceed to cleans, tone, and moisturize.

Here are the things that I do to keep my skin clear from blemishes:

1. Drink Plenty of water ( I drink mostly water and sugar free juice)

2. Wash my hair at least once a week (keeps dirty hair from aggravating my skin

3. Eat Healthy ( I try to maintain a healthy diet, I eat lots of veggies and lean meats)

4.  Change my head scarf or wash it once a week ( I don't use a dirty head scarf on clean hair)

5. Change my sheets once a week (I don't like to sleep on a dirty pillow case and I DEFINITELY don't want others using it PET PEEVE)

6. Change my facial clothes (wash cloths) once a week (okay..I'm a little anal but it works!! :) )

7. CHOOSE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS FOR MY SKIN TYPE AND ISSUES (The same thing with my hair, if you choose the right products you will see results).

The products that I use and love are from the Neutrogena Deep Clean Product line. You can purchase this at any local retailer and it's affordable. Since using these products I have seen a tremendous difference in my skin. I use the cleanser for cleansing, the wipes for removing my makeup, astringent for removing excess dirt and oil, and I moisturize with plain ole Cocoa Butter facial lotion (My ex turned me onto this and I've been using it ever since).

 I exfoliate with the Neutrogena Micro Dermabrasion Home kit (facial scrubs irritate my skin). At night I moisturize with the

St. Ives Timeless Skin Moisturizer

. ALL OF YOUR BEST KEPT BEAUTY SECRETS ARE DONE AT NIGHT!! For under eye puffiness or wrinkles I use the Olay age defying

wrinkle cream

( I saw a little wrinkle and I went bizurk). It helps to reduce my morning puffiness from late nights. Facial Masks are done when needed. I can tell when my skin needs a boost. I used the Queen Helen Mint Julep

Facial Mask

as my go to facial mask. It dries up all unwanted blemishes.

  This is what I do to help keep my skin clear. I can't always help the once a month breakouts..but I do keep them under control with my skin care routine. I still use and purchase the Ambi Complexion bar. I alternate between using this cleanser and my Neutrogena Cleanser.

Check out the Youtube Video Below

Thanks for reading/watching!! Tell a Friend!! Peace and Blessings ♥

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