Achieve Skin Care Tuesday: Great Skin with Toe Juice (Product Review/giveaway)

Hello blog lovers! I want to first give a BIG welcome to all my new subscribers! I've been working on a lot of different things such as working on building my business and branding. Along with all of those things  I have been working towards revamping the blog and aiming to post more frequently. I'm setting aside Tuesday as Skin Care Tuesday. I will be reviewing different products and also sharing with you some ways to work on clearing up your skin if you have trouble skin. I have been working on my skin for quite some time now and the main issue has been blemishes and dark spots. I was sent Toe Juice to review and as a bonus I was also sent a bottle of Hog Wash. I know they both can make you question and giggle about what exactly are those products. The funny thing is, I love the names it gives the product a lot of spunk and personality. In case you were wondering what is Toe Juice and Hog Wash,  they both are great products aimed to help improve your skin conditions with the help of DermaVine.

What is Toe Juice?

Toe Juice is a fast drying solution that is infused with DermaVine to help clear many different skin ailments including diabetic warts, Ichthyosis, dry, flaky, and cracked feet, and even acne problems. This product was created by Royce Garner a high school science teacher in 1970. He was looking for a solution to help clear up and soothe his sons flaky, dry, cracked feet. This product is infused with DermaVine which is a blend of plant extracts which include willow bark, lemon peel, and cinnamonum extracts.

What is Hog Wash?

I was sent the Hog Wash as bonus to the Toe Juice. Hog Wash is a hand santizer that is also infused with DermaVine. Unlike other sanitzers Hog Wash promotes softer skin and won't over dry your hands after frequent application.

I have used the Toe Juice and the Hog Wash and I love both of these products. Toe Juice can be used in a number of ways. I have used as a facial astringent, after shave (on my legs), and also in my home foot soak. When I used the product on my face it didn't leave my skin dry or sticky like some facial astringents. It actually left my skin feeling refreshed. There were a few times that I applied the product to a few of my facial blemishes using a cotton ball. If applied directly to the blemish (in most cases, depending on the size or extent of the blemish) the next morning the blemish was gone or had decreased in size. After a long day and having tired feet I created a foot soak and added the Toe Juice to the mixture. This product did make my feet will extremely soft (I didn't buff or scrub my feet).  I mentioned that I used this product as an after shave to my legs. This product works great for that also, but keep in mind if you have any nicks or scrapes it will sting a little bit, so apply a few moments after you shave and not directly after. The Hog Wash is a great product also, it cleans your hands from germs and most of all it leaves your hand soft. Many times in the past, I have had to apply lotion onto my hands after I sanitize. That is not the case with this product. Your hands are softer than before you applied the sanitizer and it also leaves your hands smelling fresh and clean. I keep this product in my person because I love to santize my hands when I'm out and about (especially after the bank, ATM, pumping Gas, Grocery Store, and being handed money) I'm a germaphobe so I keep it handy at all times.

If you are experiencing issues with your skin and in need of trying something different try Toe Juice. For more information about Toe Juice and Hog Wash make sure to visit the website. You can purchase the product there as well as at your local walgreens. As a treat to my readers one lucky reader will be able to try this product for free along with the Hog Wash Sanitizer. Entry Rules Below.

Entry Rules

1. Be a Subscriber of the Blog
2. Must be 18 years or older
3. All subscribers qualify in and outside of the U.S.
4. Leave a comment telling me your favorite skin care product and why you think I should try it and how it has worked for you on your skin care journey

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