How to prep your Quickweave for bed

Hello blog lovers! I wanted to share this video with you. I will be starting a few new series run on my blog and the first one will be quickweaves. I posted this video a while back on my YT channel and this is just a simple way to prep your hair at night if you are wearing a quickweave. Of course you can always flat wrap your hair for a smooth finish but I have discovered that sometimes that doesn't work well. Here are some quick tips for Quickweave maintenance:

1. Wrap your hair at night with a satin scarf or bonnet.
2. When detangling your hair start from the ends and work you way up to the top. This will decrease shedding.
3. Use only serums on your hair when styling (preferably silk serums). This will keep even the cheapest hair weave extension looking nice until you take it down.

Alternate ways to prep your hair weave at night

1. Take some hair clips (double or single pronged) and create large pin curls. This will minimize your curl time (if you don't know how to use a hot curler or curlers) in the morning and will preserve your curls from your initial style session with your personal stylist.
2. Flat wrap your hair using hair clips to ensure that it lays flat at night while you sleep to ensure a nice finish in the morning.
3.Use Flexi rods to curl your hair at night to keep you from having to curl it in the morning to insure a long lasting curl.
4. Detangle your hair separate your bangs and create a large pin curl (if you have a center part create two pin curls) separate you hair in the back into two large sections and create two double strand twists and clip them to the top of your head. Finish by wrapping your hair (demonstrated in the video)

Special Note: For curly styles (with length) at night:

1. Apply a little foaming mousse (I love Motions Styling Foam) to your hair (just one pump) and split your hair down the middle and do two double strand twists on the side. (See Video)

Check out the Video for how I prep my center part invisible part quickweave. The video was recorded using my webcam so the quality is not as good. Anyways, you can figure out whats going  on. It's a double feature. I show you how to curl your hair using a hot curler as well.

Disclaimer: Please do not use my pics with out asking fist.

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