R.I.P. Dariel Pulliam

 May 28, 1982- April 5, 2011

 It saddens me when I have to make posts of those who have gone before us and who have left legacy's that will forever follow them and who have made such great impacts on both the beauty and fashion industry. I don't do it too often however, in light of my recent post and the news that featured Mr. Dariel Pulliam Jr. who is a Celebrity Hair Stylist I must pay my respects. I did not know him personally but from what I did know and could see from his work he was an extremely talented hair stylist and make-up artist. I love to follow great hairstylist and make-up artists because I admire great work.To many he is known for his appearances on Keyshia Cole's reality T.V. show: The Way it Is as Neffe's friend and hair stylist as well as the Fankie and Neffe Show. He recently worked as the make-up artist for What Chili Wants 2 and as a stylist at the Glambar Salon off of Peters Street in Atlanta. You can see more and view pics here.

Before ending my post I will say this life is short so cherish the time you have. Live, love, laugh and enjoy life because it is not promised. Everyone has a purpose and a reason for living. Its important to find your purpose and reason and impact the lives of those around you and never take for granted that life is forever and that tomorrow is promised. If you have the opportunity to tell someone you care and that you love them do it before its too late. I'm are definitely sure that Dariel was loved and will be missed and he has inspired many including my self to live life and be successful in life. My prayers go out to his friends, family, and loved ones!!

Peace and Blessings ~♥ Miss Nic ♥~

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