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Hello Blog Lovers!! Happy Saturday!! I would like to Welcome all of my new followers and say Thanks to everyone for the feedback I've been receiving. This post is about a website that I was "affiliated" with but due to the outcome of the previous situation I encountered with the company I am no longer affiliated with this company at my own discretion. After I tell you why you will better understand.

 I discovered this site via another YT Guru's Blog and I decided to check it out and once I noticed they had an affiliate program I decided to sign up for the program. Upon signing up and creating an affiliate account I decided to make my first purchase with the company. At the time they were having a Valentine's Day sale and the prices were great. They sell Indian Remy Hair, Virgin Indian Hair, Malaysian Hair, Chinese Hair, and even Brazilian Hair. These types of human hair extensions are supposed to be high quality human hair extensions as well as very expensive. They were selling the 18" Indian Remy Hair for $50.00 for a 4 oz bundle with the original price being that of $100.00 and more. So with the sale going on I purchased both a 18" and 20" both totaling to a little over $100.00. I was excited to see if the hair was actually what they said it would be. I placed my order on February 8, 2011 and a few days ago I realized that hey where is my hair????

A few days after I placed my order they had a mysterious system crash which deleted all of our account information. If you place an order with this company you are supposed to see step by step how your order is placed,processed, shipped, and delivered. This "system crash" deleted all of the information and they're staff was supposed to go back in and put the information back. I should add before I continue that this never happened, to this very moment my account says nothing! So I was just simply giving them the benefit of the doubt that they just needed time to complete and fix everything because they had a very "overwhelming rush of orders due to the sale and YT promotion." I'm not the type to make a big fuss without thinking things through thoroughly so after two weeks go by I'm like okay something is wrong with this and after the third week I was like HOLD UP!!! Where is my hair?? They have my money where is my order?????

Over this period of time they sent emails about how processing would take up to 7-10 business days and that also included shipment. After 7-10 days and counting I never received my order. They even sent out an email that they would call everyone about their order..I NEVER received a phone call (Idk maybe they weren't going to send it) I then start seeing YT videos of how people have received their hair and they are loving it. I've also seen YT videos where others have claimed that the hair smells like BSS Hair and one YTuber was amazed to discover how cheap human yaki hair blended so well with her "high quality Indian Hair". Can you say WOW!!! There are few that were satisfied and stated they would order again but the thing is will they get that opportunity??

 I also came across the BHM (Black Hair Media) Hair Forum where there is a forum that says Buyers Beware and this forum was created a week after I placed my order so I am not only perplexed at this point but I am beginning to be furious as I read the commentary.  I then deleted the link to their website in my sidebar of my blog. I refuse to be affiliated with any company or person with a shady reputation!!

I encourage you to click the links throughout this post to see what I now know about and the links below to YT Vids to see their reaction. I will say that I did contact MsPerfectHair several times and did not get any response about my order. It took my having to instant message them via my Gmail chat to get a response because conveniently for me they have Gmail email account. The representative that I talked to was understanding until I made comments about the BHM forum and then she became "jazzy" with me which I did not like and did not appreciate. She stated that she would refund my money and still send my order because due to the 4,567 orders they received I was only one out 3 that they messed up. Ummm okay if you are considered MsPerfectHair everything about your company from the customer service down to the shipment should be PERFECT.

I contacted some other people about their order due to an email that was sent to everyone who placed an order because they forgot to use the CC option so every one's email was sent to everyone (I took advantage of the fact I never delete anything in my inbox) so I sent an email. Here are a few of the responses that I did receive about their experience:

"dispute the claim...the only thing good I say about them right now is that I got my order fast and the price was ok.

but the hair quality is crap!!

it sheds waaaay more than normal and tangles soooo big it's like clumps of hair coming out daily. I take great pride in my hair and this is crazy.

they offered to upgrade me to the Brazilian and said that maybe I got a bad bundle...1 bad bundle is "somewhat" understandable but 2...I'm scared to even mess w/ the 3rd bag....get your money back
Oh yeah I receive no phone call either."
"I received hair but not the hair that I ordered. I attempted to contact customer service on numerous occasions and never got a reply. I ended up filing a dispute on paypal. I got a full refund. I never received a phone call during the customer calls week either. After I filed my dispute I received an e-mail from the "owner" of the company saying that I could keep the wrong hair I received, get a full refund, and they would send me the correct hair. I haven't checked to see if my money has been refunded yet but I seriously doubt that they'll send me the correct hair. Also, the "owner" of the company that sent me the e-mail saying all of this said her name was Candy Williams and from what I've been reading the owners name is suppose to be some woman Rebecca sooo.... I really believe the company is going to try to run away with a lot of people's money."
"I also ordered on the 8th also and didn't get any calls or email I got tired of being patient and 2 days ago I went to msperfect account and did a request asking them when if and when my hair was comic and was told I should have it by Friday. They answered with in minutes. Hope this helps" She never received the order
As you can see MsPerfectHair is everything but PERFECT (there is more in the forum) they have not filled orders correctly and even failed to ship orders including mine. Before I conclude this post I must also say that according to the BHM forum which you should have viewed or should view in a separate window is that maybe potentially owned and operated by Nicole Matthews who also owned NBKS Hair and even both of those are shut down by the way. They sold the same type of hair and even other kinds of hair. They shipped out some orders and didn't ship out others. They took money from people and then closed the website down period. Check this out too it may also tickle your fancy.

"Most women that ordered from Nicole’s best Kept Secret loved the hair they bought but would never receive their hair in time for appointments. None of them were aware that the hair they loved o much happened to be hair that they could spend 80 bucks flat on in their local Beauty stores.
When the going got tough, Nicole would make claims of having been in a the hospital or out of the country for business purposes and would blatantly pretend that the hair had to have been stolen or lost by companies such as FedEx and/or UPS.
She would then use the money that she had not spent on various personal matters and purchase Bobbi Boss, Virgin Indian Hair and send them off to clients that expected hair from Brazil, India, and Malaysia."

 That may explain the BSS Store bought smell on the hair. Is the same person?? IDK what do you guys think or suspect by now??

From my experience I will tell everyone if you are going to buy anything offline and if it's from a website, eBay, or from a YT person do your background research. I found nothing and all of this comes out after I place my order which I didn't receive. Ask around first if you are not sure before you make a purchase. People work hard for their money and to be scammed out of it is just shameful.

I did file a claim with Paypal and I did get my money back. Will I still receive the hair they stated they would send it remains to be seen. I have two statements that stated they would and I am just hoping that will actually show me that they are indeed some what perfect. We all make mistakes true enough but if you're perfect what does that say about you when you do make a mistake. That you're everything but perfect.

I apologize for the length of this post. Very rare but I had to let my readers know as well as the World Wide Web about this. I was going to do a YT video and I will but I am going to wait to see when and if I get the hair so I can give it my "sniff test" to determine if my own findings are true. Side note: The affiliate tab is missing on the website wonder what happened to it??? I'm DONE with this company. I'm also thankful I did get my money back but I do really want the hair (that was the point to begin with).

BTW this is my experience and I will not retract anything or my statements or comments my job is to provide the truth and there it goes. I have documentation to prove everything. I moderate all comments anything crazy will get you the boot.

Thanks for reading!! Leave Comments!! and PLEASE Tell your friends!! Peace and Blessings ~♥ Miss Nic ♥~

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