The Benefits of using Coconut Oil

Hello Blog lovers! As promised on my previous blog post Becoming a Mixtress experimenting with hair oils I discussed how I have been using Coconut Oil on my hair as a pre-poo/deep conditioner and to my surprise it has helped my hair a lot. I haven't been able to use it lately because I had my hair in a sew-in but I will be picking back up with the treatments this week when I shampoo my hair. I know its a lot of different things on the web about coconut oil but I wanted to share it anyway because as promised I am going to discuss the benefits of using Coconut Oil on the hair.

The Facts

Coconut oil has a extremely great moisture retaining capacity: It can't be broken down easily nor evaporated. It won't let moisture escape from the hair and in turn keeps the hair moistened and soft. Using Coconut Oil will prevent breakage of the hair. It has been proven to replenish the vital oils that give your hair shine and bounce and reduce split ends. It naturally penetrates the hair shaft and helps to reduce protein loss. It contains fatty acids that are proven to enhance and strengthen the hair shaft. Coconut Oil contains both Lauric Acid and Capric Acid which are both antimicrobial which is good for fighting off bacteria on the hair and scalp. It contains Vitamin E which keeps the hair rejuvenated and scalp and skin healthy. Coconut Oil contains fatty acids which serve as a very good anti-dandruff agent.  Coconut oil usage over time will get rid of dandruff and is better than dandruff shampoo.  The same fatty acids are proven to enhance and strengthen the hair shaft.

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