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Hello Blog Lovers and Welcome New Followers! This weeks Hair Product of the Week (which is late) is the Silk Remedy which is a part of Sally's generic branded products. As some may or may not already know Sally's Beauty Supply Store offers a complete line of your favorite name brand hair products such as: Paul Mitchell, CHI, Matrix, Artec, Redken and many more just to name a few. This line is a split image of the name brand product and is sold for a cheaper price for the consumer. I just so happened to pick up a bottle a few weeks back and I use it on my hair before I heat style it. I must say that I love it! It leaves my hair soft, shiny, and not weighted down. The smell is great, however it did catch me off guard a bit because it reminded me of one of my ex-boyfriends cologne ( I can't think of the brand cologne but it's such a clear replica of the scent). I absolutely love it! My sister loves it as well she got a hold of the product while flat ironing her hair at my house. This product is a splitting image of the CHI Silk Infusion (I've of course have not tried the actual CHI brand but if this is a split image I'm content with the generic version, at least until I run out of product). I give this product my ★★★★★ (5 Star Stamp). I love it and if you don't have any in your bathroom cabinet of hair products you should definitely make the purchase. This product is $9.49 on the Sally's Beauty Supply Website. So Check out the stats below:

GVP Silk Remedy provides superior shine, tames frizzies and conditions your locks with each application. Enriches hair with pure silk, wheat and soy proteins

  • Leaves hair soft, silky and healthy
  • Provides heat protection
  • Alcohol-free
  • Compare to Silk Infusion & save

Create smooth, soft hair with GVP Silk Remedy. Adds amazing shine to even the dullest hair and tames frizzies for well behaved hair. Conditions your locks with each application and helps protect hair from heat damage.

***Disclaimer** I am not affiliated with this product or Sally's Beauty Supply Store.
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