HTOW:Perm Rods

This weeks Hair Tool of the Week is the Perm Rod. The Spiral Perm Rod was discussed a few weeks back and how it's simliar but different than the regular Perm Rod. Perm Rods are used for Chemical Waving (the technical term) which is referred to as a Perm. It's simliar to a relaxer for African American Women but differnt for Caucasian Women. The entire idea is to alter the hair pattern. Initially take staight hair and make it curly. Where as the Relaxer is used to take curly hair and make it straight. What I like about using the Perm Rod is that I add curls to my hair for them to last longer than curls given with a regular curling iron.  If you're natural you use these rods to help define your curls. They range in an array of sizes from extra Jumbo to teeny-tiny sizes.  Just simply take some mousse or setting lotion, and wrap the ends of the hair with some end papers for hair rollers and roll and set the hair in the direction you choose. It's great for defining and adding voulume to the afro's Check out my Quick weave that I did below where I just took some Wet and Wavy hair and created a Stunning Affro using my baby perm rods!

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