Instant Extensions: Creating your very own clip-in Extensions

Hello Blog Lovers! Today I wanted to share with you guys a thrifty way to make your own clip extensions. I just made some myself and I love them! My sister who is a youtube junkie is always watching these videos and she recycled some of her Remy hair from a sew-in that I did for her and made some clip-ins and it was very cute and natural looking so I was like well let me make some myself.  Here is what you need.

  • Some quality human hair. It doesn't have to be something expensive like Remy hair or Indian hair, just something that's top quality and good for it's price. You want to get something that will give you bang for your buck! I used Enstyle Micro Perm Yaki Human Hair. I love this hair! It's great!! It doesn't tangle or shed which is perfect for what I want. I only paid $30.00 per pack.
  • Some upholstery thread. I used this thread because it's heavier and won't easily break under pressure.
  • The Clip-In Clips that have the rubber backing that snaps open and close.
  • A small Sewing needle.

The snap clips were $1.99 a pack and I purchased 5 packs. There are three in a pack. I made two small pieces to fit the back of my head and I made two large pieces to fit from temple to temple. I made three pieces which were as wide as the clip for the sides of my hair.  Check out my Youtube Channel to see the tutorial.

No Make-up!! :( Long day! Giggles!

Thanks for reading! Tell a Friend! and Leave Comments! ~♥ Miss Nic ♥~

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