HTOW: Spiral Rods

This weeks Hair Tool of the Week is the Spiral Rod. This rod is different from the perm rod which is just a hard roller with a end that attached with a rubber elastic band. It's also different than the flexi rod as well. The spiral rod kind of puts you in the mind of the spiral hot curler. All though all of these things allow you create curls the spiral rod offers a more uniformed shape and the hair actually looks true to a spiral curl. Perm rods and flexi rods give you the Shirley Temple baby doll curl and the spiral rod will give you the cork screw curl. The way that the spiral rod is shaped; it at first seems like how am I supposed to do this and get it to stay.  It does take some time and practice to master how to get them to stay. I know with my first time using them I had a hard time trying to get them to stay. The top of the rod has a clip on it, kind of puts you in the mind of a pin top. You simply part the hair in the section that you wish to rod and clip the rod at the base of the section and begin to wrap the hair around the rod and you secure the ends with the matching cover at the end. 

In order to create these curls the hair has to be clean and free from product and wet and/or damp. A setting lotion or styling mouse is needed to set the curls. It's usually takes about 45 minutes or more depending on how thick your hair is to dry. The smaller the section the quicker it will dry. The sizes range from Jumbo to slim (as slim as a pencil) for short to long hair. I will say that this application of these rollers takes longer than the regular perm rod and flexi rod because of the way it's made that's why I stated that it takes practice. Once you get used to using them it's not problem at all.

You can see the variation of sizes and the pretty colors that they come in. The clips are at the top right hand side of the picture.

This is me at 18....a long time ago. you can see the shape of the curls some what and my hair wasn't cut at this point the size rods that I used kind of made it look really tight to the head and it just appeared to be short. I liked it (the stuff you find in your old myspace and facebook albums)

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