HTOW: The Hair Turban

The Hair Tool of the week is the Hair Turban. I know that everyone has heard of the Turbie Twist that hit the market years ago and I purchased my first Hair Turban a few weeks ago and let's just say I need to buy another one because the Dollar Tree was too small of all my hair on my head it kept falling off so believe me I'm going to buy another one but a name branded one. Giggles. The Hair Turban is not made out of cotton like our regular bath towels, it's made out of terry cloth which is said to be safer on the hair because it doesn't dry the hair out. Cotton is a absorbent material and it retains a lot of moisture as opposed to locking moisture in. I haven't had any negative results from using a regular bath towel for drying my hair but we will see what the major difference is once I get a hair turban that fits my dome. The Hair Turban is great for drying the hair faster and eliminating the use of a lot of heat from the hair dryer.It's supposed to reduce split ends and leave the hair luxuriously softer than that of a regular bath towel. If your decide to do more air drying after you shampoo during the summer this would be ideal.

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