HTOW: Hair Bun Maker

This weeks Hair Tool of the Week is the Hair Bun Maker. It's not technically a tool but it's a asset for creating a bun using your tools. Giggles. I know you guys may remember back in the day when we created the "sock bun" where we put our hair in a pony tail and used an old gym sock and created the perfect bun. Strange to some but it worked, and yes I did it. My cousin actually introduced that to me and when I heard it I was like.... what??? but it worked. This past weekend one of my favorite loyal clients wanted her hair done in a "sock bun" but we weren't going to use the sock. I had no idea (this is the truth and maybe I'm late) that they made the rings for the "sock bun" to eliminate the sock. (LOL SMH) I was going to stuff it like I do all of my buns with some synthetic hair. Which would have worked just as fine but this little handy "tool" worked even better and cut down the time! It's cute and using it just gave me some more ideas of what I could do with it later (another blog for future post). It comes in black and nude color to match the color of the hair. All you have to do is place the hair into a pony tail and slip the ring around the pony tail and take the hair and smooth it over the ring. Secure the bun into place with hair pins. It's quick and easy and forms a very cute bun! Great for protecting the ends of the hair!

This is the bun that I did for my client. This is acutally a Quick weave believe it or not using the same method with the Glue Free Quick Weave Product.

Up can see the closure


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