HPOW: Design Essentials High Gloss Setting Lotion

Hello Bloggers! I would like to first welcome my new followers! Welcome! This weeks Hair Product of the week is another introduction and a review in one. I mentioned last week that I purchased the Design Essentials Detail High Gloss Setting Lotion along with the Sleek Edges gel. Which I love! It kind of smells like raspberries (yumms, for those that don't know I love smell good products. If it stinks..I'm not going to use it). The Detail High Gloss Setting Lotion is a part of the new Design Essentials home styling product line which was introduced last month.Check out the stats on the Setting Lotion.

Detail is a ready use setting lotion that provides a medium hold and leaves hair with volume and movement. This moisturizing setting lotion contains panthenol and coconut extracts that leave hair conditioned and soft with a high gloss finish. 

I must say that this is different from the Masterpiece Concentrated Setting Lotion. I'm used to using that setting lotion and I've gotten used to the smell of that particular setting lotion. I honestly would prefer the Masterpiece because of the smell. I don't really know about the smell of the Detail as of yet. It's kind of a has a different smell to it. The product does however works just as good as the Masterpiece Setting lotion. Everyone knows how I am...because I purchased it I'm going to use it. Unless I see some major changes in my hair which I doubt that will happen.
The importance of using a setting lotion: Using a Setting lotion (usually called lotta body) is not only for roller sets or wet styling but also good for detangling the hair and making it more easy to manage as opposed to just combing the hair with no type of wet styling agent. It's better in my opinion for detangling than that of mousse or styling foam.  Using a setting lotion will make the hair feel softer, give it a sheen, and easier to manage. Never use too much because it will make the hair harder to manage when dry. When it comes to mixing up a setting lotion at home you want to use a 2:1 ratio unless you are doing roller sets or curls using maybe flexi rods or perm rods; then use equal parts 2:2 (that's two parts water and one part setting lotion and/or two parts setting lotion and two parts water) the more setting lotion  you add to the mixture the longer the curls will last as well as the harder they will be ( you don't want to over do it). Great to use on all hair types and textures.

You can buy setting lotion already pre-mixed at the BSS or your local retailer like Wal-mart or Target and of course Sally's but I love the Masterpiece Setting lotion by Design Essentials and I'm working the Detail into my family of products.  This product is going for $7.00 on the Design Essentials Website. Check it out!

I am not an affiliate or a representative for Design Essentials I am a Fan of the Products as well as a loyal customer.

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