HPOW: Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control Intro and Review

Hello Blog Lovers! I hope everyone's weekend was great! This weeks Hair Product of the Week is the Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control Gel. I shared with you guys a few weeks back that they just added to their home retail product line.I just purchased this along with the new setting lotion (Detail High Gloss Setting Lotion, review next week) that they have just introduced on Friday. My Distributor has been MIA for a few weeks, but I was thrilled when he said that he had some! 

Sleek Edge Control is a moisturizing, firm hold smoothing gel that smoothes edges creating sleek styles and taming unruly hair. The intense sheen adds a beautiful finished polish to edges, ponytails and up-dos while the firm conditioning hold keeps great style in place. 

  I made some clip extensions (blog post later on this week, along with instructional video) and I used the sleek edge control on my edges and I must say that it is doing what it promised it would do in the description. I'm three weeks post relaxer so I don't have that much new growth but you know in this summer heat your edges can go quickly. I just applied a little to my edges and voila! It laid it down smoothly. It's not like you typical hair gel. I know a lot of people don't like gel because it gets hard and you can't comb your hair and it will create "flakes" or make your head itch. This gel is totally opposite from setting gel. Even though it says that it's firm and creates a hold it's not a hard frozen hold like the Ampro Pro Style Gel. It kind of puts me in the mind of the jam gel that's been on the market for some time but it's not greasy. You can comb your hair and edges later on in the day and it won't be to hard to comb or redirect the other way. You just simply apply it to the edges of your hair with a comb or brush and go from there. This is a finishing gel not a wet style gel so you shouldn't apply it to wet hair.  This gel looks like it's a winner and be applied to both natural and relaxed hair. It's retailing  for $7.90 on the Design Essentials Website.

I am not an affiliate or a representative for Design Essentials I just love their product line! 

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