Why I cut my Hair

Hello Blog Lovers! I just wanted to share with you guys in my own words why I started to cut my hair. I know I've stated that I used to have long hair and that I cut it off by choice. The reason why I'm even bothering to share this is because I got a smart comment on one of my Youtube Videos. I'm learning that you are open game for jerk-offs on Youtube and you're going to have to deal with their comments and that it's just something that comes with the territory. The comment was "I just love the statement I used to have long hair before but I cut it off" so instead of responding in a hostile way I just responded cautiously in a whatever sort of way, but I did take some offense to it because this particular person doesn't know anything more about me other than what I choose to share. So I felt that I should just share why I started cutting away at my hair in the first place.

I've always been a "free spirit" I've never been the type to really conform to a lot of rules. I will follow the rules for the sake of following them but I will break them and bend them...I mean honestly that's what they're there for..to break and bend a little right..so I was always complaining about how much I wanted to cut my hair because I didn't like it long and it was long. We (my sister and I) were never allowed to cut our hair growing up. We could only get it trim and because my mother was a cosmetologist she was the one taking care of our hair. I haven't strayed away from my hair regimen at all expect for the products that I used. For years to this day it was shampoo once a week followed by an instant conditioner, deep condition every two weeks, and relaxer re-touch every four to six weeks. I've had a relaxer since first grade so it's been like this since the first grade. Our hair immediately took off and it was growing and growing and a lot of people were amazed at that time how long our hair actually was. I think it was because during that time (mid-late 90's) a lot of people were shocked to see little black girls with long hair that was actually relaxed.  Now I could say that our hair grew due to proper maintenance and that was and is true however like I've said before in my preivious blog post Top 10 Foods for Healthy Hair we were pretty much on those foods heavy and we were skinny  because of it (lol) but I believe that contributed along with genetics.

My father has what everyone calls "Good Hair" he can just spritz his hair with water and will curl up. He keeps a low hair cut but that's all it takes. His bothers and sisters have "Good Hair". My dad had no problem or issue getting that natural wave pattern that all the guys want but never achieve so they use the texturizer and wear the wave caps to death. His bothers were the same way, the wave came natural. My aunts (his sisters) also have a soft texture of hair and they have always worn  it long too. My Grandmother believe it or not is half Indian. I know that's so cliche' but it's true. My Granddad of course was 100% African American and he did have a "good grade" of hair as well so with all of this mixed into the gene pool it's kind of a given that my sister and I would have no problem growing our hair. Now my mother's hair is a different story, a whole different texture and grade, which luckily played a minor role in our hair texture (my sister and I). So with that being said genetics along with our diet played a role in our hair growth.

The reason why I started to cut away at it was because I wanted to have hair that was bouncy because with hair one length you're not going to get bouncy hair or hair that your wear feathered and to me, hair that was mid length with layers was more appealing to me. The fact that my parents didn't want me to cut my hair was all the more reason for me to cut it anyways. It was freeing like you know what I'm going to do this because I want to do this. My freshman year of high school my hair was so aggravating to me, it was getting caught in my book bag strap, the back of my chair, and all kinds of pestering things so I was fed up, plus I didn't want to wear my hair in a ponytail ( I hated wearing my natural hair in a pony tail, I guess because the pony tail to me is a sign of not wanting to do anything to your hair, so I would come up with all these intricate twist up hair styles and my hair would be all twisted every kind of way just to avoid the pony tail). So my Sophomore year in high school I asked my mother to put some layers in it and she put a few in there, it wasn't no where near what I wanted but it wasn't all one length anymore so I was happy. That point forward I continued to take a little bit at a time off. November 2009 was the shortest my hair had ever been and I loved it! It was cute and sassy for me so I didn't mind.

I'm also the type of person where if something happens in my life that is "devastating" or a "disappointment" and causes me to make a change emotionally or spiritually, a physical change will occur on the outside (i.e. my hair). It's almost like becoming a different person literally (hopefully you're understanding me). The most drastic thing that I've done to my hair was put blond highlights in it and I did that on a sparatic moment, after I was done I was like OMG what in the world did I just do because I knew that my hair could go off the deep end once I did it, and my mother was pissed!!! She got so mad she just gave me a hard long look like if I could beat your tail I would.

Overall whether my hair gets back to it's first original length or not it's okay with me, because my hair doesn't define who I am. I could cut my hair off today and not be upset or worried because I'm still the same person and I don't mind being one way today with my hair and another way with my hair tomorrow.  Long hair all the way down your back is pretty and it's appealing to many but long hair doesn't make you sexier or more attractive than the next person. Some people may feel that they don't want to grow their hair because of the change that will take place and they are initially scare of change and I'm not one of those people so I love my hair the length that it is and it's growing and I don't really think I will cut it again but it's not ruled out as an option. It's all about self love and loving yourself and who cares what others think of you...it's not your business anyways.

I don't have any digital pics of my hair my freshman year of high school, I only have pics of my hair after I started to cut it and when it started to grow back. If you want to see pic check out my Youtube Channel for the video where I show my hair back in the day.

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