Nicki Minaj, Erykah Badu, and Lady Gaga Hot Music Videos.

Okay...I hope that these videos will play on the blog but if not oh well..But I just had to do a blog post about these videos because I just wanted to know what you guys thought about the videos. It's been a lot of buzz around the internet about all three..I know this has nothing to do with hair but I just had to post it soooo...

Nicki Minaj just released her new video for Massive Attack featuring Sean Garrett  yesterday on 106 & Park and I wasn't too thrilled about the song or the video..A lot of ppl are saying she's biting swag from Lil Kim, Beyonce, and Eve for this video..but I think everyone failed to mention Rhianna and Lady Ga Ga??? But anyways..I love Nicki don't really have anything against her. I have a few favs from her mixed tape..I just think that this video wasn't what we were all waiting for especially since she went hard on other songs with Ludacris, Usher, Gucci, and the Young Money vids. What did you guys think about it??

Erykah Badu  has a new controversial video out for Window Seat. The Video is totally nothing too shocking for me coming from Erykah Badu because she's being true to herself. In case you didn't know she's walking the path that President Kennedy drove down right before he was assassinated. She pulls up to the side walk in the same car and starts "evolving" out of her clothes and then is assassinated herself in the same exact spot where President Kennedy was shot and killed. I wasn't shocked that she was getting naked..I mean it's ERYKAH BADU!! She's always been out of the box. Now she's being faced with Indecent Exposure charges and my question was how did they not know that she was getting naked. I mean they filmed the whole video from beginning to end. How many takes did that take. No one shut the progression of the video down. If it was such an issue then why didn't someone call the feds when she took her shirt off to expose her bra?? Did they not know what was coming next?? Come on really?? If I saw a chic taking her shirt off in public I would have to be a little concerned that hmmm she may just be getting ready to get naky for everyone. However out of all the ppl standing around "filming on their phones" (in case you missed it) called the police. Then a lot of people are saying that she didn't have to get naked to sell records she could have just kept it "safe" was that not the whole message of the video to stop playing it safe and to not be afraid of change?? Hello it's change going on...I liked the video..It was deep and I can appreciate the message as well. What do you guys think about it??

Okay...Now on to Lady Ga Ga and Beyonce and the Telephone video...It's been out for over a week now but I really didn't feel the need to say anything about it until the Erykah Badu Video. I love both Beyonce and Ga Ga<<<

I think as time changes people are going to change along with the things around us as well as the music. I've learned to accept the fact that music will never be "safe" like it was back in the 90's when music was good and even before then with Marvin Gaye, The Tempts, and Teddy P. and a lot others but as Erykah Badu said "People are quick to assassinate or run from things that they don't understand"<> but you feel me.

Leave comments! Tell A Friend!! and until next time Peace and Blessings! ~♥ Miss Nic ♥~
BTW:: Miss Nic was out waaay before the Nicki came out on the scene..So trust No swag biting here..I'm my own person. Imitation  is not a form of flattery for me!

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