My E.L.F Haul

Hello Bloggers!! I just wanted to share with you guys my E.L.F. Haul that I purchased back in March and I just recently got it a week ago. I thought I opted for 3-5 day shipping but it was actually 7-10 day shipping. Anyways. I was in need of some new brushes and I am on a budget right now so I really can't spend a lot of money on a lot of things. Certain things are okay but if I'm in need in of a bulk then I'm going for the more less expensive route. I never heard of E.L.F. (eyes lips face) until about a few weeks ago when I watching youtube videos and I ran across RMC17 and I watching her do an everyday make-up tutorial and she wears little to no make-up and truth be told she doesn't really need to wear a lot. She's been blessed with great skin and a great complexion. Anyways, she was using the all over cover stick by E.L.F. to highlight her eyebrows and I just immediately opened up a new tab in my internet browser and I googled E.L.F. and when I viewed the website everything is CHEAP!!!!! and I was in awe.  So I at first thought if they're selling these products for under 5.00 then the quality has to suck..(just my thoughts) I decided to do some more research and I decided to search youtube for any reviews and things of that nature and I was seeing a lot of great feedback so I decided to make a purchase. Even though I had never really heard about eyes lip face before (I'm soo behind) I  never knew that they sell their products in the local Dollar General Store for the same price as on the website. I purchased a foundation brush, Eye liner brush, Eye Defining Brush, and Blush Brush. Dollar General only carries certain brushes and not all brushes. Other places like Target have the same products but of course they have been marked-up. So I made a online purchase and I purchased some brushes along with the Eye Primer and two different all over cover sticks (Pictured Below). Overall I only spent $20.00 for all of these products. You can purchase all of the brushes for like $15.00 online in a set.   SN: My Camera on my phone SUCKS!! I don't like it at all..I should have stayed with T-mobile!!! so if they look dark that's why. I'm going to post the actual brush from the website along with my photos. 

Blending Brush (Purchased online)

Lip Defining Brush (Purchased Online)

Blush Blending Brush (Purchased at Dollar General)

Eye Smudging Brush (Purchased Online)

Eye Defining Brush (Purchased at Dollar General)

Eyeliner Brush (Purchased at Dollar General)

Eyeshadow Brush (Purchased at Dollar General)

Foundation Brush (Purchased at Dollar General)

Concealer Brush (Purchased online)

Small Angled Brush (Studio Brush $3.00 online)

All Over Cover Stick (Purchased online)

Eye Primer (Purchased online)

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